Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen judita ujević, 4.a

I chose this book because it's interesting and it tells a beautiful story. Also, it's about love, honor and respect.

The story follows the protagonist Elizabeth Bennett who is a bright, sarcastic and stubborn young lady. She has her own opinions and doesn't want to get married just because it's expected from her. Her life starts to change when she meets Mr Darcy, a snobbish and rich man.

My favorite character is Elizabeth Bennett who is a complex character. She's intelligent and has her own view of the world. She refuses to live like everyone else in her time. We can say she's kind of a rebel.

My least favorite character is Mr Wickham because he tried to trick Elizabeth by saying that Darcy did him wrong when actually it was the other way around. He exhanged Darcy's legacies for a cash payment and tried to elope with his younger sister. Later, he aslo ran off with Lydia, Elizabeth's sister, and married her in order to get paid.

The problem in the book is forcing young women to marry against their will. In the end, the problem wasn't completely solved (there were still women being forced to marry) but as for this story, things ended well . Elizabeth, as well as her sister Jane got to marry the ones they love. If i were in their position, I would probably act exactly like Elizabeth did.

The most interesting moment for me was the moment Elizabeth and Mr Darcy saw each other for the first time at the ball. He didn't participate in the dancing and conversation while she did. And later, she overheard him talking about her offensively.

(There were no boring or shocking parts to me.)

The story ended happily. They both realised that nothing could stop them from being together, and they married.

The story could've ended differently, of course. Elizabeth could've stayed alone or also marry someone else, someone she doesn't love.

I think this book shows us that we shouldn't always be so proud and full of ourselves. We need to let people in sometimes and also care about others' feelings.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is eager to be educated and also to everyone who wants to read a classical love story.

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