Jordan Habitat Trip Stephanie k and elizabeth r

A small part of our team on our fundraiser Sunday. We sold soup and baked goods, and raised a total of $770!
Part of our group after we arrived in Paris! If we look tired, it's because a seven hour flight is not as glamorous as it seems.
We have arrived in Amman! Pictured here is what our typical room looks like.
The Great Rift valley, which we stop by on our to Jarash.
The bread man at the Artemis Restaraunt, who makes the most delicious bread we have ever tasted.
The most delicious bread ever.
Elizabeth and me in the old Jarash ruins. They have both Greek and Roman ruins, and disgustingly long millipedes.
Pastor Samer Azar's church, Good Shepard. This is our partner church, with whom we do much work.
This picture doesn't even begin to describe the copious amounts of ridiculously delicious food that Pastor Azar's wife, Abla, made us.
Pictured here is Alexa, the Azar's dog. They also have a cat named Pistachio, but she didn't make an appearance until the end and I was too busy petting her to snap a picture.
Now that we are back to the land of wifi, we can update you more on our adventures! Pictured here is the window Elizabeth and I created out of stacking cinderblocks with cement.
This is Heidi and Ibrahim. Ibrahim was the contractor for our site, and fixed our many mistakes.
Saif is the son of our partner family. They also have two daughters, but the daughters were in school for most of the day.
Yasmeen and Fahmi, the parents receiving the house. They are two of the most generous, and nicest people ever. They spent everyday with us, and both of them worked with us to help build their home.
Most of the work we did on the house was paving the walls. All of the outside walls were finished, and we were able to begin to the inside walls before we departed.
A proud moment when we finished our first wall that was completed with a window.
My Aunt carved on our names onto a few of the bricks that we layer, another way to keep our love present in the home.
This is what it looks like when you've showered and laid in bed after an 8 hour work day.
On Thursday we took a pilgrimage walk through Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the place where Jesus was baptized. Pictured here is the area where he was baptized.
We were also able to see the river Jordan, and got to walk in it or put our hands in it.
This is the Lutheran church located at Bethany Beyond the Jordan. Here we had a worship led by Pastor Fred and Deacon Jonas.


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