Life Won't Wait By Rancid

Life Won't Wait

1998 | Punk

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“The force of war, dynamite blast, writhes on the weak and the poor. -- Don't wanna see my brother in pain when the little man fighting all big men's wars.”


  • The album peaked at number 35 on the Billboard 200 album chart.
  • This is the the only album by Rancid not to feature producer/engineer Brett Gurewitz in any capacity, with Armstrong and Frederiksen opting to produce the album themselves.
  • The song features reggae artist Buju Banton on vocals.


Luke Tatum

"Was it the mob tellin' the CIA to put us all in this state of fear?" I'd say it was just the opposite. If "the vision is a new world order," it must be a top-down approach. The top of the pyramid doesn't take orders from the bottom, you know. The CIA, along with the nearly incomprehensibly long list of other government organs, are all subsystems of the same organism. The leviathan state, growing ever larger, consuming all in its path. "The force of war, dynamite blast, writhes on the weak and the poor." The exploitation of humanity is so blatant, so extreme, and so immoral that it boggles the mind. But what are we raised to believe? The people who have made their wealth by serving others are the ones to hate and fear. If that isn't a sign of the times, I'm not sure what is.

Sherry Voluntary

"Dynamite blast of the force of war. Government rides on the weak and poor. Don't want to see my brother in pain no more.When the little man fights all the big men's war"

As an individualist, I believe in the supremacy of the individuals authority in their own life, but I also see the binding power that the recognition that all individuals are in the collective of any group in the world: individuals. What a paradox! Being an individual you get to see the beauty of navigating the world while meeting your unique needs, abilities and desires in the way you see fit, while also gaining the understanding that every other person is doing the same thing. Individualism teaches the ultimate respect for mankind, and I think, a compassion that sees any manipulation by way of indoctrination and bribery that would cause a person to act against their own best interest, as a terrible abuse. I can think of not greater abuse than the system that holds young people captive and then promotes the War machine to that captive audience. I want to see the suffering of my fellow man as it relates to doing the bidding of the power elite, come to an end. Libertarians may be a lot of things, but it is we who are carrying the anti-war movement forward.

Nicky P

Feeling a little conspiratorial? You'll need to look up the lyrics for this one because Tim's junk coated voice is difficult to parse as is Buju's patois. This song is basically the musical version of Confessions Of An Economic Hitman. It lays out the emotional side of watching corporate interests dictate the motions of world governments and war at the expense of the little people that fight them. I wont belabor the point because its pretty on the nose when you can see it but I'll add my disclaimer as per the usual that I think these people see capitalism as the issue not giving greedy humans a giant club to whack the world with. The beauty of our philosophy is there are human limits to acquiring wealth that military intervention and faith in a state undermine.

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Nicky P

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