Marriage is Good By Jonathan White

Healthier Lives

People with supportive spouses tend to live healthier lives. Singles are 17% more likely to be to be diagnosed with metastatic cancer and are 53% less likely to get the best treatment. Happy marriages also reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Better Financial Situation

Married men are typically wealthier then single men. On average, married men earn 10-40% more than their single counterparts and earn more frequent promotions. They also save money more effectively because they have someone besides themselelf to care for.

Better Sex

On average, married men experience better sex and have it more often. Married men don't have to traverse clubs weekly to find someone to go home with. They also experience more fulfillment from their sex. 50% of married men find their sex life fulfilling while only 38% of co habiting couples feel likewise.


Married people tend to be happier than single people. According to a recent study, 40% of married people said they were generally happier with their life while only 25% of single people said they were generally happy with their life. Some researchers speculate that this may be due to more sex or because they are a part of something bigger than themself.

Better Relationships with Children

According to studies, parents who are married have better relationships with their kids, both while they're young and when they're adults. Divorce often weakens or breaks the mutual relationship felt by parents and their children. Adults who's parents were divorced describe less positive relationships with their parents, and are in fact 40% more likely to get divorced themselves.

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