Road Trip Series A creative story told by one lens

On The Road with one lens and camera, back to basics & pure creativity

Road Trip Series "On the Road" traveling life's highway!

Creating Memories and Art along the way!

Over 15,000 miles traveled so far on the exploration of Photography

Ongoing Personal series of my “On the Road- Road Trip”. Creating in-camera effects of subjects that catch my eye during my time traveling. Texture, Lighting, and Color are a few of the qualifications I look for on this creativity boosting series. I have always loved the selected focus capabilities (in camera, not Photoshop filters) of view cameras back in the old film days and being able to recreate it is an exciting twist to photography without a ton of retouching!

October Road Trip Central Florida

I started this series in December 2015 using just my Canon 5D Mark 4 and a specialized viewfinder lens with bellows. This camera has GPS tracking which I love having that information and plotting it on my Road Trip Map. All selective focus lens blur is done in the camera and the files are developed in Adobe Lightroom. The point of this series is back to basics, one lens…one camera, shooting what catches my eye when I’m on the road.

October Road Trip Pensacola, Florida

National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida was a great experience with wonderful subject matter for this Personal Road trip series. I shot with the Canon 5D mark 4 and specialized lens to reproduce my subject manner in a different point of view. I've started off my career shooting one of a kind images that had a mood and style unique to me, creating the images in camera with film, developed in a non traditional way. This is the style I am continuing with digital, still in camera and developing the 100 megabyte files in a highres non traditional file.

On the way to the Pensacola, I found the amusement rides on the way down the backroads of North Central Florida. I had to go miles down the road to make a u-turn to and capture this unique place. Anything with color, texture and uniqueness I am drawn to photograph it and transform it to Art.

Rust and Warehouses

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