Plugin Installation Guide Your easy to follow guide


1: Start by Logging in to your Magento Admin Site

2. Click the "System" tab on the left menu and then "Web Setup Wizard" from the new popup menu:

3. In the new page click the "Extension Manager" tile:

4. Link your account to the Magento Marketplace.

During the sign in process, you will be prompted for Access Keys. If you already have your access keys ready enter them and click submit and move onto step 6. If you don’t have them yet, don’t worry! Just head to step 5 to find them.

5. Go to Magento Marketplace to get your personal ‘Access Keys’

Go to https://marketplace.magento.com and sign into your account (or create one). Go to My Profile > And under the Marketplace tab, under the section ‘My Products’ click ‘Access Keys’.

Click Create A New Access Key and type in a name for the key. On clicking Enter, you will be presented with two access keys, a public and a private key. Copy and paste them both into the Extension Manager and click submit.

On the final "Order Review" page click the "Place Order" button.

8. You should now see the Thank you for your purchase screen, where you can click the ‘Install’ button to install the plugin on your site.

9. Clicking this button should return you to your site and you will see a screen like below:

Go through the install wizard to get the plugin installed on your store.

10. Once you’ve finished the installation process, you can configure the plugin to your desired settings. To learn how to do this, proceed to the Configuration section of this guide.


1. Start at the admin section of your store.

2. From the left hand menu select ‘Stores > Configuration’.

3. Select the Data8 Tab and click the extension:

4. On this page you can edit the settings of the plugin as you wish.

Don't forget, if you need to speak to any data8 Magento Specialists, please call 0151-355-4555 and they will be able to help.


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