Spring 2020

Inside This Issue:
  • Customer Stories: AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.
  • Agronomy Plus: Lessons from the AGCO Crop Tour PLUS How tire pressure affects compaction.
  • Trending: Start-up farmers PLUS Our best tips for restoring a pasture.
AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.

Aspire, Adapt, Advance: Calculating for Success on the Farm

Michel and Hanneke Camps grow their business by adapting to new technology with their own brand of innovation.

“I’ve done the math,” says Michel Camps, reeling off the statistics for the business he built with his wife, Hanneke. Their CP Farms—near Barnwell, Alberta, in the heart of the province’s potato country—is responsible for “something like 12 million portions of fries... We can make a lot of fries out of an acre of potatoes,” he says, about 11,000 servings, based on an average 21-ton-per-acre yield.

Fendt Tractors: Launching Innovation on the Farm

Farmers are natural entrepreneurs, and the Camps are no exception. Innovators need equipment that can keep up, and Fendt tractors fit that bill. SEE THE STORY

Farming with Spirit

Faith and farming are transformative—and inseparable—for the McDowell family on their fourth-generation farm.

When the pastor takes the pulpit at County Line Baptist Church in Halifax County, Virginia, a 5-foot cattle prod leans at his side. It’s not a prop. It’s not what might be known in ministry circles as an “object lesson.”

For Pastor Michael McDowell, it’s an essential part of his story.

The Massey Fergsuon 5711: Perfect Prize for an Award-Winning Livestock Operation

It didn’t take Farmer of the Year Michael McDowell long to be impressed with the ideal utility tractor for his operation. SEE THE STORY

Our experts share solutions for getting the most from your equipment, and the most ROI.

Top Three Lessons From Four Years of AGCO Crop Tours

In spite of—and perhaps because of—an abnormal year on the farm with tough conditions, the 2019 AGCO Crop Tour plots produced valuable information to use next season and beyond to get corn planting right.

The Right Tractor Tire Pressure Lightens The Load

With heavier machinery and larger loads weighing on soil and crop yields, new tire technology and automated inflation systems can help take the pressure off you and your fields, while boosting yields.

Growers Field-Test the New Fendt Momentum Planter

The new Fendt® Momentum™ solves agronomic challenges, from pinch-row compaction to major field contours, like no other planter.

Topics that shape agriculture and your life on the land.

So You Want To Be A Farmer? Start Here

Getting a grant or finding a loan to start a farm can be daunting, but resources abound for those who long to live a life on the land.

The Best Tips for Restoring A Pasture

You need the right process—and the right equipment—to get your pastures in shape, especially if they’re new or neglected. Here’s how to do it.