Northlakes High School Newsletter - week 10, term 2, 2021

Principal's Message

Congratulations to all staff and students on a fantastic Term 2 here at Northlakes High School. This term has been jam-packed full of exceptional learning experiences both in the classroom and extra-curricular. It has been very pleasing to see our students excel in various sporting, performing arts and leadership activities. #teamNorthlakes has blitzed the Central Coast and Hunter with skills and determination to achieve their personal best. A big thank you to staff and also parents that have supported the range of extra-curricular activities throughout the term to ensure that our students have an outstanding holistic education.

This term saw the sad departure of Mr Shane Pankhurst who had been our long-term dedicated Agriculture teacher. Mr Pankhurst secured a position at Scone High School with a plan to purchase a property up there. We all miss him but wish him all the best with the move. During the term a state-wide merit selection process was undertaken for a new Agriculture teacher and next term we will welcome Mr Andrew Collins. Mr Collins comes with a wealth of experience having recently been the Agriculture teacher at Morisset High School. Mr Collins is also qualified to teach Primary Industries, so this will be a great addition to our subject offerings for Senior students.

Also this term we conducted a state-wide merit selection process to fill out Head Teacher Special Education (ALC) position. Congratulations to Mrs Louky Parkes who was successful in gaining that role permanently. Mrs Parkes has been relieving in the role for a couple of years whilst Mr Goodenough was seconded to Tuggerah regional office and DP at Narara Valley HS, so it is fantastic that we are able to maintain stability within the Adaptive Learning Centre under her outstanding leadership.

Student Semester 1 reports are handed out this week. The vast majority of students have demonstrated that they have worked hard throughout the term to engage in course content and extend their skills, particularly in literacy and numeracy. We have seen significant improvements in student data, especially those that have been participating in the ‘Intensive Learning Support program’ with our nine employed paraprofessionals. If you have any questions about your child’s report, please do not hesitate to contact the classroom teacher of Year Advisor for further information or clarification. Some class changes will occur at the start of Term 3 that reflect the students results of Semester 1.

Finally, the last four weeks has seen 20 pre-service teachers from Newcastle University being mentored by experienced staff here at Northlakes High School to support them in their University studies in becoming teachers. The 20 students have observed lessons, assisted teachers and students in classes, discussed collaboratively in staffrooms what they have observed and then prepared lessons of their own to deliver to our students. They have been great to have as part of our school culture over the four week period bringing youthful ideas and enthusiasm to their approach. I am sure that ours students have appreciated having them in classrooms. Thankyou to the Northlakes teaching staff who have volunteered to be mentors for these aspiring teachers and a special thankyou to Mrs Howard who co-ordinates the whole program and supports the University students throughout their time here.

Please enjoy the winter holidays, and we look forward to seeing all our students again excited and prepared for lessons in term 3 with full-school uniforms and all their books and stationary renewed to ensure that they are ready to participate fully in lessons.

Regards Mr Welham


Year 7 & 8 Camp

Camp 2021. What an amazing time we had. Year 7 and 8 Students learnt some great team building skills, conquered fears and got to know their peers better. The food was delicious, activities challenging and the mud run fights -epic!!

I was so very proud of how our students represented Northlakes High School, they demonstrated our core values and were a pleasure to be around.

Mr Brown Year 7 Advisor

Mrs Parfumi Year 8 Advisor

Year 9

Year 9 have been travelling well so far this term, with their reports being finalised and ready for distribution in Week 10. Year 9 should continue to work to their personal best to ensure the best report possible and complete all upcoming assessment tasks.

I would like to welcome back Mrs Teulan after having a year off maternity leave. She is excited to be back and looking forward to catching up with all of Year 9 as the term progresses. Students are able to see myself or Mrs Teulan for any needs they may have. Mrs Teulan will be at school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Winter has arrived! Just a reminder that students are required to wear the correct jumper to stay warm. A plain black jumper or jacket is required as part of our school uniform, not coloured or large logos on jumpers or jackets. If you are having difficulty in acquiring a jumper, please contact myself or Mrs Teulan.

If any parent or carer has any questions or concerns, please contact me via email blake.dawkins4@det.nsw.edu.au or via our school number 43900555. You can contact Mrs Teulan via the school number or via email paige.watts@det.nsw.edu.au

I would like to wish all students and families a safe winter holiday and cannot wait to see all of Year 9 back for a big Term 3.

Mr Dawkins

Year 9 Advisor

Year 10

We are coming to the close of Term 2 for Year 10! Subject selection is going to occur on 24th June at 5:30pm in the hall. Students and parents will be given an information session about the subjects on offer at NHS as well as information about patterns of study.

* Cancelled new date to be advised in term 3 due to current COVID restrictions

Currently students should be working hard on their assessment tasks and making sure they get them all in by the due dates. It is great to see them developing good study habits and working on their tasks in a thoughtful way. For those students who are still struggling with getting their time management, it would be a great idea for parents and carers to sit down with them and develop a study timetable. Attendance is vital particularly moving into senior years and students with attendance below 85% can be n-detemermined for non-serious attempt in their school work. Currently 66% of Year students are sitting below 85% - all students need to keep their attendance above 85%, all assessment tasks need to be submitted by the due date. If a student receives an N-determination, you are welcome to contact their classroom teacher or the Head Teacher of the subject to discuss what the student is required to do in order to resolve that N-determination.

I wanted to also push to the students how important their mental health is. Please remind all students of the many services available to them within the school via the well-being team. They have access to me as Year Advisor, Ash the Student Support Officer, School Counsellors, Ms Ryan the Head Teacher of Well–being and Ms Byrnes, our Year 10 Deputy. Students are always welcome to come and see any one of us – I am generally a great starting point to send them off in the right direction. Also one of the greatest resources they have is each other.

Please make sure that we are all talking about how we are feeling and taking the time to check in with each other. Some other useful resources include:

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if anything is needed on 43900555.

Ms Ewer

Year 10 Advisor

Year 11

I would like to commend our award recipients for Term 2. The following students have been recognised by their teachers as consistently doing their personal best: Matilda Gibbons, Penelope Fisher, April Hemopo, Corey Welsh, Aaron Courtney, Jacob Harris, Luka Price, Charlee Brokenshire, Sophie Liddell, Kiera Piipari, Kurtis Healey, Lara Tuxford and Emma McHale. Congratulations to all the aforementioned students and keep up the great work!

A friendly reminder that it is important that all students attend school every day to engage thoroughly in the school curriculum and meet the outcomes of all of their courses. If your child is absent, please supply a note to justify their absence. It is the responsibility of the student to catch up on any missed work and complete all assessment tasks before the due date. Collectively, as a year group our attendance rate dramatically needs improving. This will be one of our many goals for next term.

There is an expectation that all Year 11 students are completing assessment tasks in detail and by the due date. As deadlines for multiple courses approach it is important for students to take accountability for their learning by being organised. Students should ensure that they have checked the assessment schedule to find out dates of assessments. There is an online copy of this document in the Year 11 Google classroom. Please talk to your teachers about your learning needs and ask them questions about how to approach assessment tasks. Drafting of responses for quality feedback by your teachers is another important strategy that may help to alleviate stresses of assessment tasks as well as providing crucial knowledge about the content of the task to ensure your success.

Additionally, Year 11 will be participating in a specially designed program Elevate to help them develop their study skills. This is a valuable opportunity that will help them as they approach their yearly exams.

Lastly, I would like to again remind Year 11 students of the school uniform requirements as the weather is getting colder. The Northlakes High School uniform for Year 11 is long black pants, white senior school shirt and a plain black jumper with a logo that by can be covered the palm. It is important for our senior students to set the standard as role models for our junior students and wear their uniform with pride.

As always, if you have any concerns or wish to contact me, please feel free. I can be contacted on 43 900 555 or via email at Amanda.wright25@det.nsw.edu.au

Mrs Reay

Year 11 Advisor

Year 12

We are right in the middle of a busy term with no signs of stopping just yet! Year 12 have been busy working hard in their classes and completing their final assessment tasks for some courses. I would like to shout out to those students who have completed all assessment tasks and are nearing the completion of their courses. Well done! We still have a bit to go but I’m sure it is a huge relief to be wrapping up all assessment tasks to take the stresses off. I advise all students to now turn their attention to acing their trial examinations which will be held early in term 3. The trials are an important indication of student’s progress and their strengths and areas of improvement. Students should treat these exams seriously and ensure they have completed adequate study preparation. Further, the Stage 6 tutoring centre is open and students can participate in study sessions with a qualified teacher to reinforce class content and work on exam writing/ numeracy skills. I advise all parents/ carers to please encourage their Year 12 student to attend these sessions so that they are prepared for their trial examinations and to take advantage of these opportunities.

During our stage assembly this week, I acknowledged those students who have been turning up to our tutoring sessions with a Year Advisor award. It is very important that people take advantage of the opportunities that come their way, especially if these opportunities will have a positive impact on the individual. The tutoring centre is only available to our current Year 12 students in this year only, with a significant monetary investment from our government and will not run next year.

University entry and scholarship advice is starting to happen and will only intensify as we get closer to university application times. Please encourage your student to consider their options for next year with regard to university or further study. Any questions please speak to Ms Pidgeon about how to proceed with applications for both university and the many scholarship opportunities available.

A final positive- Year 12 attendance is getting better and better each day! Please remind your student to get to school on time and attend all classes (no truancy!). Year 12 are now coming 3rd in the battle of the year groups with almost 80% attendance for all students, trailing behind Year 7 and 8.. c’mon Year 12, let’s show these juniors how its done and get to 85% and take the crown!

If you have any concerns or wish to contact me, please feel free. I can be contacted on 43 900 555 or via email at jarad.freebody@det.nsw.edu.au

Mr Freebody

Year 12 Advisor


Half-Yearly tests

Most years have Half-Yearly exams or Assessment Tasks coming up. Of course it is very important that students prepare well for these tests. Some suggestions for preparation are: 1. Creating a mind map for each topic, 2. Re-doing a few questions from each exercise in the chapters being covered. 3. Completing review sets from Mathsonline. 4. Writing topic summaries including any formulas and examples. Students can speak to their teacher for advice on what to study.

HSC Past Papers

Any Year 12 student interested in completing past HSC papers use the internet/google and search for “past HSC exams”. If your student doesn’t like accessing content digitally then they can come to the maths staffroom and ask to borrow a copy in booklet form. They include approximately eight of the most recent years’ papers with fully worked solutions. An essential resource.

Problem of the month

Tricks with digits: eg. Can you make 37 with five 3s. 33 + 3 +

Now try these: (you can use addition, multiplication and fractions)

six 9s to make 100 9 9+9+9+

seven 6s to make 120 66+6 6+6+6+6

Mr Lappas

Head Teacher Mathematics.


This term our debating teams have been very active across stages 4 and 5. The staff have been undertaking training to provide them with the knowledge to support the students and have given up hours of their time to be there.

Last year during the Covid period in 2020, students were unable to debate face to face and therefore Zoom was used so that the debating process could still continue. Due to the success of this, our students competed online this year.

A huge congratulations for Melissa Best and Brendan Hodges for their efforts with our debating teams.

Stage 4 Debating Team Report

The stage four debating team took on Gorokan High School in the first round of the Premier’s Debating Challenge. The Northlakes team consisted of Annabelle Capper, Zoe Cook, Katie Roberts and Emma Bowman-Payne. Our students were positioned on the negative side of the topic: “It should be compulsory for K-12 students to learn a musical instrument”. Whilst we were defeated on the day, it was a close debate and it was a great learning experience for the girls as a majority of the team had very little previous debating experience.

Stage 5 Debating Team Report

The stage five debating team competed against Wadalba Community School for Round 1 of the Premier's Debating Challenge. Our stage five debaters are; Jackson Vandertouw, Isaac Starrett, Eric Wall and Mason Arnold. The topic for debate was "Students in Years 9-12 should complete a major project every year" and our team was on the negative side. Our Northlakes team won this incredibly close debate and were able to receive insightful feedback for future rounds. Mr Hodges and Ms Best are confident that the team will continue to achieve well in the next rounds of this debating challenge.


A busy month for the HSIE staff. We welcomed 8 Preservice teachers who are doing their first practicum with a variety of classes. Due to COVID large numbers of Preservice teachers missed out on their first pract last year. Northlakes high has taken on some of these students which has benefited them but also has had a very positive impact on our school as they bring with them a great deal of enthusiasm and innovative education practices.

A number of Year 10, 11 and 12 students have received letters for failure to achieve outcomes due to missed classwork relating to absences of more than 20% of lessons for a given period or failure to complete assessment tasks. This is part of our processes to keep parents informed about their students’ progress. To resolve a N determination warning the student needs to see their classroom teacher and get the work to be completed. Once the student has completed the required work their teacher will resolve it in the records. Unfortunately there has been high rates of absences due to a variety of reasons including school business however students are still required to catch up on their classwork.

We had a very successful Year 8 incursion with the James Adams Viking show. He told the students all about Viking life and demonstrated Viking battles and warcraft with a variety of authentic replica swords, axes and armour including chainmail and helmets.

Year 10 and Senior Modern History were given the opportunity to go to Jewish Museum in Sydney to tour the museum, attend workshops on the Holocaust and speak with a Holocaust survivor. This is a very powerful experience with an important message.

The year 9 incursion of a Australians at War presentation has been postponed till Term 3.

Year 7 will be having a full day Ancient Egyptian day at school with a visit from the fantastic Tutankhamun Roadshow. It features a huge bus with an interactive presentation including magnificent replicas of Tutankhamun’s tomb and its contents. Students will also attend 4 workshops during the day including hieroglyphics, scarabs, tomb painting and sealstones. Usually costing students $29 we are offering it to all Year 7 students at the reduced price of $5. Pay at the student window or online and permission slips to the HSIE staffroom. It is going to be an awesome day!

Students in Years 7-10 A classes successfully completed the Australian Geography competition paper. We had a number of students who gained admirable results including: Credits for Hunter Barrett, Matthew Conwell, Annabelle Capper, Summer Kenny, Ryan Willis, Wyall Zipf, Issabal Maloneand Ebony Roberts, Distinctions for Taj Barnes and Ryan Curtin and an outstanding High distinction to Justin Forster. Congratulations to these students for these wonderful results. We are now awaiting the results of the Australian History competition.

Mrs Howard


COVID Intensive Learning Program

COVID Intensive Learning Support Program Years 7-9

Our Intensive Learning Support group are well underway for year 7, 8 & 9. Within our small group tuition we offer explicit instruction in both literacy and numeracy.

Why choose these interventions and ‘Areas of Focus’?

● Literacy is skills needed in all areas of life, school and otherwise.

● Teaching basic literacy skills in comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling and writing gives students a strong foundation to build on.

● Focusing on foundational skills in numeracy gives students the building blocks to better understand mathematical concepts and ideas.

● Teaching and learning is a reciprocal process like links in an unbroken chain; when students fail to make connections between concepts - the link is broken, leaving gaps in knowledge and understanding.

Our lessons follow an explicit structure which gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the content taught each lesson.

Our first set of data has been collated by the educational paraprofessionals for phase 1 of our small group tuition and they are outstanding. The following data shows the student growth in literacy.

A special mention goes to Lachlan U’Brien Rowley in Year 8 for showing outstanding growth in his pre to post test in extended response writing using TEEL.

Our numeracy pre and post testing results are just as impressive for phase 1.

If you would like any further information about the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program, please contact me any time.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Dowe

Head Teacher COVID ILSP 7-9

Teaching and Learning

The LAST team has been very busy this year running Best Start (for Yr7), Check-In (for Yr 8) and finally NAPLAN (for Yrs7 & 9). These tests give us valuable information about student achievement for literacy and numeracy outcomes and assists the school to plan for future learning. LAST programs are now running and selected students are being withdrawn for reading and comprehension as well as being supported in numeracy.

Mrs Fairlie with Jasper Newman and Kyroe Page working through a Quicksmart literacy session.

One of Mrs Fairlie’s students commented that she liked doing Quicksmart literacy because it helped her learn the word meanings and supported her knowledge in completing comprehension.

Quicksmart Program – A pathway for success!

Quicksmart Numeracy works by improving basic skills and its aim is to increase the speed of recall and accuracy of basic number facts. With increased automaticity in these areas, students free up their working memory which allows them to tackle more difficult mathematical problems.

Mrs Rowett Tutoring in Quicksmart Numeracy

Gail Brown Comprehension Program

7H and 8H have been working really hard with Mr Bromley and Mrs Curran on improving their comprehension skills. We are using the Gail Brown Comprehension program. The students were very lucky to have a special visit from Dr Gail Brown who shared her expertise in teaching comprehension skills with the students, teachers, School Learning Support Officers and our paraprofessional staff. Gail will be seeing us again next term and we are looking forward to showing her the progress our students have made.

Mr Bromley and Ms Sinclaire with 8H completing their comprehension work.

Dr Gail Brown with our paraprofessional group. Our school has enjoyed a long partnership with Gail (a professor in education).

Muru Bulbi Learning Centre

Yamma from the Aboriginal Learning and Engagement Centre

A lot has happened since I wrote our last newsletter, where to start.

I would firstly like to welcome Brody Naden to the team who is a proud Yuin & Wiradjuri man who comes with a lot of connections to community.

The team has been working hard to engage our students in their academic studies whilst still maintaining their cultural identity. Through weekly withdrawal lessons, check-ins, wellbeing support, garden and didge programs.

We have had the Police Liason officers out to build better connections with our Aboriginal students. The students really engaged with the police and got involved in the conversation which was great to see. This relationship will continue build as we endeavour to create these opportunities for mentoring and advice.

Stage assemblies this term acknowledged National Sorry Day which were very powerful and showed our student the importance of remembering the past and the power of saying sorry. Thank you to our JAECG members, Zali, Slater, Tenika and Bryce who ran the assemblies and to our school Captains who read Kevin Rudd’s National Apology. Also a special thanks to Tracy Ryan for sharing her personal story with us all.

Our Reconciliation week activities saw reflective words added to rocks in our dry river bed which is part of our Aboriginal garden. Acknowledging and discussing the significant date’s in house check-in, the 1967 referendum and Mabo decision created the conversation and our breakfast/morning tea was well received by all students who attended, with our special guests Brent and Sharni, leaving a positive impact.

#More than a word

Northlakes saw several of our students attend the Indigenous round at Central Coast Stadium. This was a great night, especially seeing the Roosters get up for the win! We also had 6 students perform at the Darkinjung ‘Colours of Country’ at the Gosford Regional Gallery. A big thanks to Shaley, Nakiesha, Ahlea, Penny, Talan and Archie and to the staff who attended as well.

The Learning and Engagement Centre is continually evolving and is a positive place for any student or staff to attend and get support.

Thanks for another great term team Northlakes, I look forward to reporting on all the exciting things we have coming up for our NAIDOC celebrations in week 1 of term 3 along with many other events and activities happening.

Mrs Goldie


Creative Arts

In Week 6, Stage 5 Photography students attended an excursion to the town of Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River. The students arrived to an exquisite morning scene of fog covering the town which made for an excellent opportunity to begin their day with some beautiful photographs. The students then spent the day touring the town and local environment capturing photographs of whatever their creative eyes felt were worthy.

The excursion was a success with students gaining real world experience as photographers. They were given the brief to capture the natural scenery and architecture of the town of Brooklyn. On return to school, they have moved into post-production mode, where they’ve selected their best photographs and edited them in Photoshop and Lightroom. This process reflects the work of a professional photographer in the industry. The success of these young photographers can be seen in the images below.

On behalf of Ms Evans and myself, I would like to thank these students for representing Northlakes and making the most of this photography opportunity.

Miss Kavanagh.

Community Engagement

Zone Athletics

Northlakes Leo Club

Upcoming Leo Events

Sat 26 June – Camp Breakaway Markets – Leos will be running, BBQ, Cake Stall, Craft & Jewellery Stall. If you have been decluttering and would like a stall, please call Ruth at Breakaway’s Auxiliary on 4399 3699 to book your stall in.

Sat 11 September – Camp Breakaway Markets – BBQ, Cake Stall, Craft & Jewellery Stall.

Sat 13 & Sun 14 November- Mingara Relay for Life – NLHS Leos are having a team. Any students, parents or teachers who would like to join our team please go to https://www.cancercouncil.org.au/relayforlife/teams/ei00222228/ to register, $15 registration up until 13 May and then it becomes $20 registration after 14 May. You will receive a Relay for Life t-shirt for your registration fee.

The Leos are always collecting:-

• Warm WINTER MEN’S CLOTHING, Warm WINTER WOMEN’S TRACKPANTS only, Enclosed shoes, NEW UNDERWEAR & SOCKS for both men and women.


• TOILETRIES from hotels or unwanted toiletries you receive as a gift. These are made into toiletry packs for the homeless and distributed through Coast Hands.

• Any unwanted UNOPENED TOILETRIES, MAKE-UP, WOMEN’S PERSONAL CARE ITEMS Suitable for Share the Dignity Handbags.

• OLD PRESCRIPTION GLASSES are recycled overseas to the poor in disadvantaged countries.

• Any unwanted CHILDREN’S OR ADULTS GIFTS you may have at home.

• 5 CENT COINS for Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation.

If you child likes helping others & making new friends whilst having fun doing fund-raising and volunteer work, then they may like to join the Leos. We currently have 34 Leos, from Years 7-12. Ask your child to pick up a Leo Application Form from the Leo Noticeboard outside the School Counsellor’s office down near the hall. Parents have to give their permission for their child to join the Leos and there is a $5 joining fee but no annual subscription. The forms get returned to Lynda (Leo Advisor). Leos are given a purple polo shirt to wear at Leo activities and projects.

Mrs Elsley – Leo Advisor

Local Barber Northlakes Shopping Centre

Employment Opportunity

Ventia Broadspectrum is looking for casual school cleaners.

You should be energetic and enthusiastic. Areas include

• Chittaway Bay

• Doyalson

• Erina

• Gosford

• Somersby

• Northlakes

• Terrigal

• Wyong

The suitable applicant must have a current driver’s licence and reliable transport, must be able to pass a National Police Check, Pre-Employment Medical (including drug & alcohol testing) and obtain a paid Working with Children Check prior to commencement.

Hours of work consist of either:

• Day shift Monday to Friday 11am – 3pm

• Early morning (5-9:00 am) or afternoon (2:00-6 pm) subject to change. Shifts are either day shift, morning or afternoon shift or a combination of both.

Key Duties:

• Cleaning of all touch points (taps, bubblers, handrails, door handles, bathrooms etc.)

• Mopping, sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming, you will need to be able to complete various duties under strict timelines

• Maintenance of stock supplies and orders.

To apply, go to


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Step in the Right Direction NSW is an interactive e-book where your students can learn more about educational pathways through our informative articles and videos.

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Uniform Donations Needed

Our clothing pool has started to get very low again. Please drop in any unused uniforms to the front office.


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Phone: 02 4390 0555

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