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Rockefellers Bankroll China-Based Nonprofits with Ties to Communist Government


A Rockefeller family nonprofit is sending millions in cash to China-based entities, many of which have strong ties to China's communist government.



The Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) identifies China as a "pivotal place" for grantmaking opportunities. As part of their investments, the Rockefellers fund numerous environmental groups in the region that are linked to Chinese Communist Party members or bolster multibillion-dollar government initiatives that critics say are trapping countries in debt spirals.


"With innovative government policy, a vibrant marketplace, and growing public participation, China has the potential to lead the world in sustainable approaches to development," the group's 2019 tax forms state. The RBF established its China-focused grantmaking program in 2005 to assist efforts "by engaging with and fostering collaborations among the government, business, civil society, and academia."

该组织在2019年的税收表格中指出:“凭借创新的政府政策、充满活力的市场以及日益增长的公众参与,中共国有潜力在可持续发展上引领世界” 。洛克菲勒兄弟基金会2005年建立了以中共国为中心的赠款计划,“通过与政府、企业、公民社会和学术界进行互动并促进其之间的合作”来协助开展工作。

According to a review of the group’s most recent tax forms, RBF devoted $750,000 to the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, which has a "direct channel" to China's State Council, the highest administrative authority of the Chinese government. It is chaired by high-ranking CCP official Han Zheng, the vice-premier of the State Council. In addition, the foundation donated $100,000 each to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Lancang-Mekong Environmental Cooperation Center, both of which are controlled by the Chinese government.

根据对该组织最新税收表格的审查,洛克菲勒兄弟基金会向中共国环境与发展国际合作委员会(China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development)投入了75万美元,该委员会与中共国政府的最高行政机关——中共国国务院(China's State Council)有“直接渠道”。它由中共高级别官员国务院副总理韩正主持。此外,该基金会还分别向中共国科学院(Chinese Academy of Sciences)和澜沧江-湄公河环境合作中心(Lancang-Mekong Environmental Cooperation Center)捐赠了10万美元,这两个机构均由中共国政府控制。

The RBF has also awarded thousands of dollars to nonprofit groups that are led by Chinese Communist Party members and ex-government officials. Nearly $400,000 went to the China Environmental Protection Foundation, a nominally independent nonprofit that is spearheaded by senior Chinese Communist Party members. The foundation also gave $600,000 to the Guangdong Harmony Foundation, another CCP-linked nonprofit.

洛克菲勒兄弟基金会还向由中共党员和前政府官员领导的非营利组织奖励了数以千计的美元。将近40万美元捐给了中共国环境保护基金会,这是一个名义上独立的非营利组织,由中国共产党的高级成员牵头。该基金会还向与中共挂钩的另一家非营利组织广东和谐基金会(Guangdong Harmony Foundation)捐赠60万美元。

Other grant recipients carry water for the Chinese Communist Party even if they are not directly controlled by the government. China Youth Climate Action Network, which received $200,000 from the RBF, hosts its flagship youth conference under the guidance of the Ministry of Ecology and the local Communist Youth League.

其它受赠者也为中国共产党挑水,即使他们不受政府直接控制。中共国青年应对气候变化行动网络(China Youth Climate Action Network)从洛克菲勒兄弟基金会获得20万美元的资助,在生态部(Ministry of Ecology)和当地共产主义青年团(Communist Youth League)的指导下主办了其旗舰青年会议。

Still other recipients support the Chinese government's Belt and Road Initiative, a multibillion-dollar infrastructure project in developing countries. China Global Philanthropy Institute, Greenovation Hub, and China Dialogue Trust are all linked to the project and collectively received more than $800,000 in RBF funds.

其它受赠者也支持中共国政府的“一带一路”倡议,这是在发展中国家投资数十亿美元的基础设施项目。中共国全球慈善研究院(China Global Philanthropy Institute),创绿中心(Greenovation Hub)和中共国对话基金会(China Dialogue Trust)都与 该项目相关,并共同获得了超过80万美元的洛克菲勒兄弟基金会资金。

The Belt and Road Initiative has faced its fair share of controversy, including accusations that the infrastructure projects saddle developing countries with huge debts that leave them beholden to Chinese creditors. Sri Lanka had to give up a port on its island to China after the former defaulted on its debt, giving China a crucial maritime base in the Indo-Pacific. Belt and Road projects have also caused environmental destruction that should be anathema to the green-minded Rockefeller Brothers Fund: Analysts said the projects have led to an "environmental disaster" in South East Asia, the region that receives the bulk of Belt and Road funding.


RBF did not respond to a request for comment on the China-based entities.



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