Top Ten Portfolio Jennifer Gibson

1. Speaker Series with Liz Lerman

The Liz Lerman speaker event was a truly eye-opening experience that encouraged me to take risks and taught me that it's ok to be uncomfortable. The experience of collaborating with a group of strangers also taught me to trust the people you are with and to feed off of others ideas.

2. The 13 Thinking Tool of Creative People

Learning the 13 thinking tools of creative has changed my whole perspective on being creative and problem solving. The learning tools gave more more confidence in my ability to thoughtfully develop new ideas and to problem solve.

3. 30-Day Challenge

Participating in the 30-Day Challenge opened my eyes to how wide the world of creativity is. It also changed my perceptive on how easy it is to be "creative." Though I faced a lot of struggles during this project, I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to be creative and imaginative.

4. Empathy Journal

The empathy journal really helped me reflect on my everyday life and how it is heavily influenced by how I observe others. When I took a step back and observed people from a removed standpoint, the impact they had on me was different because I was removed from the situation. This removal inspired me to be more creative and to be inspired by their emotions.

5. John Bohannon Ted Talk

This Ted talk really showed me how to convey ideas in new and creative ways. Originally, I wouldn't have thought about using different mediums to explain hard to understand topics. This talk also changed my attitude on presentations and inspired me to step outside the box when making presentations.

6. Creative Journey Drawing

The creative journey drawing really helped me reflect on my personal creative life. Reflecting on this taught me to be open to more creative development. After this course I also feel like I have made major strides in my creative journey and have developed a wider view of what creativity is.

7. Ideo Shopping Cart Video

The Ideo shopping cart video really exemplifies the 13 learning tools of creative people. From watching this video I gained a new perspective on innovation and how much really goes in to improving and redesigning an already established tool.

8. Discussion of Creativity

Our in class discussion on the definition of creativity really opened my eyes to the many variants of being creative. Hearing what other people thought creativity changed my opinion of what it was too. My idea of it only being associated with the arts changed to creativity being much wider.

9. Children Learning Tool

Working on the children's learning tool was a great way to practice the 4 P's and the 13 learning tools of creative people. As someone who never thought of themselves as someone who could develop a tool, this changed my perspective on that. Part of being creative is simply just being able to identify a need for something, and then filing that need.

10. Hierarchy of Needs

Learning about and illustrating Maslow's hierarchy of needs taught me what is necessary to be successful in every aspect of my life. You build upon a solid foundation to become your best self. This especially benefitted me when trying to be creative for the 30-Day challenge.

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