The Experience By evan watts

He loves music say the songs sitting on the piano in the living room

He respects his instruments says the guitar with new strings and a scratchless body.

He practices often says the violin sitting in an open case ready to be played at any moment

He enjoys sports says the basketball sitting in the drive

He takes care of his equipment says the basketball goal with a new net

He enjoys sports of skill over power says the soccer goal in the middle of the yard

He likes to entertain say the ring of chairs around the fire pit outside, with worn arms from lots of use.

He and his family have a strong faith says the cross on the wall, displayed in the middle, a testament to all

He does not have time to clean says the unmade bed with blankets scattered about

He's an avid gamer says the HP sitting on his desk, clean screen with worn keys

He enjoys fiction and faith say the books on his shelf with little organization

He has a busy family that is not home often says the empty dinner table, without anyone to eat at it.

He has many interest they say,

And even though he does not have lots of free time,

He values the experiences from these interest above what it costs to pursue them.

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