NEW ATLAS Modern utopia by gavin timothy

New Atlas is a group of island somewhere in the pacific ocean. There is one main island and four other main islands.

Motto: We prepare for the good and help the bad.

We use drones to help our people easily kill and get food and carry that food.

Community Seal

Mission Statement: We want to Unite the world from the bad, but by any means necessary...


  • No hurting other members of community unless for training purpose's.
  • If not member can't to to main city's.
  • Can't lie to other community members unless it's private
  • Must help with job's once per day (between age's 5-20)
  • Must complete 1-3 hours of training per day.
  • non-community members can't have any
  • Can't stay for over 48 hours at community if visiting
  • If want to be member must follow member guild
  • No pulotion of any kind
  • Must sustain the Atlas policy and its rules

Member Guild Rules

  • Must erase all of your life in other county's
  • Must take a STTS (a test to see how smart you are)
  • On STTS must get a score of 3250 or higher.
  • Must visit community for over 100 hours.
  • Must take ST (strategy test)
  • On ST must get score of 3250 or higher
  • Must take 50 hours of drone flying class or above
  • Must take HCK test (???)
  • Must pass HCK test
  • To be 100% Citizen you must take SC class for over 1 year.


Any left over time is free time.
  1. Sleep
  2. Sleep
  3. Sleep
  4. Sleep
  5. Sleep
  6. Sleep
  7. Sleep
  8. Breakfast
  9. School/Work
  10. School/Work
  11. School/Work
  12. Lunch
  13. Free Time
  14. Free Time/Work
  15. Free Time/Work
  16. School/Work
  17. School/Work
  18. Dinner
  19. Free Time
  20. Free Time
  21. Sleep
  22. Sleep
  23. Sleep
  24. Sleep

Once you have a job School will get replaced with your. Also you get the whole day to yourself on Suday's and Saturdays

Are Government is Democratic Monarchy

We have 3 layers in the Monarchy Class

  1. The Fist layer is like the king, He is the first born of the king (get's in office at age 30) . the only thing is his power is with the people and what they should do. (law's about people and non-community members.
  2. The next layer is the Kings 2nd born (get's in at age 33). This layer is what they do with their money.
  3. The Final layer as 2 jobs, and is the Kings 3rd born (becomes this layer at age 35). There first job is for the trading, not food though. They trade with other country's to get supply's. The second part is what do they do with the slaves.
  4. If the king as any other children and the children of the other Layers become helpers. They help the other layer's decide what to do.

Democratic Part (has 6 parts 5 higher 1 lower)

  • The people get to choose who works for each position. They vote every other year.
  • One position is the food department. They deal with everything related to food.
  • Next position is the Army department. They deal with everything related to are army.
  • Next position is the Laws department. They deal with everything related to making laws.
  • Next position is the court department. They deal with everything related to courts.
  • Last in the upper class is the other department. They deal with everything else.
  • The lower class just deals with slaves..... that is it.


we will help the good be shown and we will kill the bad

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