Double Dancing The Arangetram of MadhuMita & Nandita

Last evening was a fantastic bharatanatyam performance of the twins Madhu and Nandu. Incidentally it was their arangetram and one wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't announced.

Unlike carnatic kutcheris which run a like a 3 hour marathon, arangetrams takes into consideration the performer's stamina and provide a 30 minute break. From the elaborate decorations in the reception of the theater to starting the show on-time to the bisibelabath during intermission, the show was executed well.

The centerpiece of the arangetram was a varnam based on navarasas and navaragas. Each rasa was explored with a short mythological story. The dance was complex, expressive and fulfilling.

The girls also had a solo performance. The padam being muthuthandavar's lovelorn song on Nataraja - தெருவில் வாரானோ என்னை சற்றே திரும்பிப் பாரானோ and the kirti being Arunachala Kavi's evergreen song on Ranganatha - ஏன் பள்ளி கொண்டீரய்யா?


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