Balancing Act By: Margaret Gurevich - illustrated by: Brooke Hagel

The overall location of my book, is present day New York. I imagine that the setting is a fashion forward, bustling city that never sleeps. The main character Chloe, is always observing the people who have great style around her and sketches them.
Some of the most specific locations that have been described so far in the book, is the Knits and Denims department with Laura in the Stefan Meyers building. It has speckled gray carpet, and grey cubicles that junior designers are working on things like pockets and embellishments. Then moving on to Laura's desk, where there are scraps of fabric, lists, and receipts scattered around the room. The other locations are Starbucks where Chloe goes in the morning, and her dorm at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Starbucks is always crowded in the morning, so Chloe gets there early and sketches looks that catches her eyes and puts certain details in the back of her mind for later to add to another design later. Her dorm room has three individual rooms for the three interns that are staying there through the course of their internship, and one common room where they can watch movies, and eat.
My book takes place in present day New York City around when normal school would be starting. I would imagine it to b a mix of different weather during this time, because some day are chilly, and other are on the warmer side and some days its raining. But even though most people would be concerned about getting soaked in the rain, but Chloe just focuses on how she gets to sketch the different ideas and outfits that people are wearing that day.
I imagine that where Chloe is staying is right in the middle of New York City where everyone is always rushing around and trying not to be late. That's why Chloe always makes sure that she is ready in the morning and heads out early and goes to Starbucks to sketch a little, and get her caffeine fix.

The population in my story is busy and bustling, but not so crowded that she can barely move down the street. The people that Chloe see, are normally always people who embrace their style and makes sure they have a personal touch on their outfit. I can imagine how everyone combines different colors and accessories to really only make it distinguishable as themselves.

One way that it time stamps the story, is that the technology is actually around where ours is, and how she is stopping at Starbucks to pick up her caffeine in the morning to keep her awake during her internship.
To me the mood and the atmosphere are normally excitement, and seriousness, such as making sure that she gets her job done, rather than only finishing one design in a week. She is always staying positive which also adds to the atmosphere around her and the story.
The setting so far makes a huge difference in the story, because Chloe is originally from California. Where her family and friends are that she has grown up with. Also because she also knows two people that are like her family, and now even more so since her whole family is on the other side of the United States.


Created with images by tuyenktran - "Denim Collection" • Evoflash - "New York 2013" • Jason Hargrove - "Jully Black wearing Lauren Bagliore - Heart and Stroke Foundation - The Heart Truth celebrity fashion show - Red Dress - Red Gown - Thursday February 8, 2012 - Creative Commons" • DariuszSankowski - "phone screen technology" • MsSaraKelly - "Times Square Crossing" • ractapopulous - "woman fashion art" • silviaedithalvarez - "drawing pencils desktop" • Br3nda - "Coffee with Fabiana" • StockSnap - "subway station transportation" • Phil Roeder - "Focus" • Momo - "subway new york city new york" • StockSnap - "pencils drawing art" • donireewalker - "Happiness" • - "Coffee shop sign"

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