5) Futuremaker learning Part two

Wow! This video is going to be a cool, but tough project. It makes me nervous, but yet excited to share the love I learned by going by to school for myself! It took strength, guts, and lots of determination to go back to school at an older age. It is a challenge, one that makes me feel proud everyday of my choice. Even as I get frustrated easily trying to keep up with the young ones now and then. It is a challenge I am GOING to succeed at! This is when that never-ending determination comes in and doesn't let me down, like back in high school and when I couldn't stand learning and just wanted to escape and saw lots of poor grades and now see LOTS of mostly A's and B's, just 2 C's. That is a huge difference from the D's and F's I saw mostly in high school.

I would tell everyone to not mess up your life the way I did by making poor choices.

Go to college and improve yourself. Improve your future!

Road to success is hard
Created By
Lisa Schwechel


Created with images by Cea. - "Brighter Future" • Mediamodifier - "success road to success direction" All pictures in Futuremaker video are mine. **PLEASE DO NOT COPY

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