DTC #37: Rooftop Rendezvous With views and cocktails this good, who needs to go anywhere else?





Count the heli-pads while your hair whips in the wind at this flying high outdoor bar.

Grab a rooftop bite and cha cha to the vibes as the sun goes down.

Chill and groove to the music as a party engulfs another up high deck.

With a height of almost 1100 feet Spire 73, situated on the 73rd floor, is in fact the tallest outdoor bar in the Western Hemisphere. No one is cocktailing higher than you anywhere.

The legendary creator of this date @plantasaurus enjoying a Manhattan over L.A.

-Thank you for designing such a great time-

Stop 1

A windy cocktail above them all

• 1.5 hrs. to sunset •

The elevator quickly opens on the 70th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel before you feel slightly out of place entering the lobby. Luckily, the smiling faces of the staff quickly focus your attention on your ultimate goal, Spire 73. Entering a few floors above you’re first blown away by the sheer elevation but then taken back by the exposure to the elements. The long bar reveals opportunities to sneak in between the post 9-5ers sucking down their Kumquat Old Fashioneds before they drudge down the 101. With cocktails in hand you secure a spot against the 3 inch thick glass for an opportunity at the ultimate mixture of views and booze. The drinks go down far more easily than you planned as you focus harder on the heli-pads down below. Once finished, and focused on the dwindling sun, grab your jackets cause there’s a party waiting for you riiiiight down there.

Stop 2

Where the sunset vibes are just right

• 30 min. to sunset •

The bohemian roof of Broken Shaker affects all your senses as you first make your way past chillers, Miami-esque hipsters and the lush vegetation. Unlike your last stop it’s a delicate process navigating through the party to a tiny section of the bar. Amidst the excitement your bartender is as stoked as you are while you fumble between the cocktail and food menus. After deciding on a RuPaul’s Baby and some Mexican essentials you soak into the minutia and grooving of the crowd. The bright sun splits the buildings to the west as the crowd slowly rotates in unison to bid her farewell. Just then the lights on the skyscrapers slowly flicker to life like fireflies on a Midwestern lawn, the perfect backdrop for your cocktail sipping and salsa snacking. As the cool California air flutters in it will mark your descent to your final destination.

Stop 3

enjoy a classic that keeps producing

• post sunset •

The few blocks walk feels like a foreign world trying to suck you into the temptation of staying aground. Just when you think you’re lost to the mainland you find the final elevator to Upstairs. After exiting the elevator you pass couples and daters chatting lazily at tables along the classic, dark, and moodily lit roof. A DJ connects tune after tune while you collect concoctions for the final final of the night. Relax by the fire or under the lantern-laden tree while taking in the cool LA air and atmosphere. As your straw strikes air, pulling on that last morsel of alcohol, you’re mind wanders to the wind tunnel of 2 hours ago, 1100 feet above the street and realize it’s time to go home…or is it?


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