Exploring the Good Life By: Brenda Lupo

Nature on Display

Nature and Ethnics

Leopold believes that conservation efforts are doomed to fail unless we learn to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value. The Natural History Museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. The Butterfly Rainforest allows for people to escape their daily lives and enter the butterflies environment in this exhibit. As the door closes behind you a sense of being one with nature greets and guides you through the exhibit. The Butterfly Rainforest is typically the first thing people tend to mention when bringing up the Natural History Museum. Personally, my excited guided me to walk straight to the this exhibit first. As you enter the museum, there is large lettering and arrkows pointing to this exhibit. Leading up to the Butterfly Rainforest, there is a little dark walk way that is lit up by television screens displaying the migrating patterns of butterflies. At the end of the walk way thousands of persevered butterflies welcome you into the butterfly section. This sense of "aw" and shock overcomes you. Everyone inside the Butterfly Exhibit stood around as if time outside of the enclosure had stopped and that we were all simply observers/visitors of the butterflies' world. Yes, there are butterflies outside of the museum, but there is not a vast amount of butterflies all located in the same area within the exhibit. The butterflies were simply a handful compared to the ones in the real world. I feel that they are needed to be there to teach us. The sacrifice of a few butterflies assists us to realize how beautiful nature is and that we need to protect it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by providing us the ability to explore the deepest, farthest, and oldest parts of Earth’s existence. All the exhibits I feel had a part in helping me explore the Earth. I enjoyed all the various exhibits. I felt that the Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land exhibit helped reveal the mystery of extinct animals by displaying their fossils and providing a picture of what they used to look like. Having the past right in front of our eyes makes one grateful for the world we live in today and how we got here. The majestic site of animals who used to roam and inhibit our natural world that we now roam and inhibit fills one with questions and images of how things used to be. I think that it is important to explore our home's past. I am thankful the museum is where we can all go to learn about how our Universe has come to be.
Nature on Display
The exhibit that is particularly appealing to me is the Chiefly Exchange. The design of the Chiefly Exchange was appealing to be because of the life size humans that looked so different than us. The gestures of the local man to the local leader makes you wonder what they are doing and why. When I turned into that section I ran over to read more about what the exhibit was displaying. I learned about the natural world the way people used to interact, live, and look like. Yes, one can read about the Chattahoochee Landing people, but I feel that actually seeing them in person makes the detail of their outfits, sacrifices, and home much more memorable. I stood there observing and trying to take in every detail. Being that this exhibit was the most relatable exhibit to my life today. They are people. It is where we all started. I enjoyed it so much because I felt as if it spoke to me through their posture, gestures, and looks.

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