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Kelly Denton- kdentsxo- 41- Journey Log #4- Warrior- Persistence and Responsibility

All day I was trying to think of what to write my journey log on but I could not think of anything worth talking about. Its currently 1 am on Monday night and I finally figured it out. I decided to write this journey log on the worst thing that I had to do in the last week and of course, the annotated bibliography was hands down the worst thing.

Sunday afternoon I got an email saying my only class I had today was canceled. I was thrilled! I told myself I could sleep in and then go to the library. I knew I could pump out the annotated bibliography in a few hours. After all, I've been doing annotated bibs since seventh grade. It would be easy! (that's the last time I'll ever say that in college)

I got to the library around 11 am and began working. I had two sources from a previous adventure so I easily found the other four that I needed. I googled every author and wrote each paragraph on their ethos. I started to get a little hungry and I looked at the clock and it was already 1:30! "Ok", I thought, "once I get some food I'll be able to be more focused."

I went to Starbucks in Core Campus and got a coffee and a snack. I sat down and began to read one of my sources. I took some notes then began working on the summary. Before I knew it, it was 3:15 meaning I had to pack up and meet my friends at the gym like we planned. We were done an hour later and I headed back to Starbucks.

The only good part of the whole day - Canes

When I sat down again around 4:30 or 5 o'clock, I started to get worried. The annotated bib was taking A LOT longer than I had anticipated. Every time I thought I finished a source, I would remember that my specialization required my summaries to be longer than 200 words. So then I had to go back and add to my summary which took up so much of my time. I worked non-stop from 5 to 11:15 which is when they finally kicked us out of Starbucks. I walked all the way back to my dorm which is in the horseshoe and thought about giving up with each step that I took. I thought about getting up early and finishing it but I knew I'd probably hate myself even more for doing that than just staying up late.

Not happy about it

I thought the annotated bibliography would be easy and a piece of cake. Especially since I've done one every year since seventh grade which is a lot of annotated bibs. Its obvious to me now that I was not aware of the work that was going to go into this annotated bib in comparison to those I did previously. There are different and higher expectations required in a college level course than a high school one. I was immensely unprepared.

Empty Starbucks

I was persistent and never gave up even when we got kicked out of Starbucks at closing because I know that its my responsibility to get my work done, on time and put effort forth while doing it. I finally finished the annotated bibliography at one in the morning. This means since I worked on this assignment on and off since 11 this morning, I worked on the annotated bib for thirteen hours in one day. Pretty insane. I can clearly see that I should have started the annotated bib earlier but hindsight is always twenty-twenty. Sadly, although I was miserable doing this assignment because I waited until the last minute, its probably (definitely) going to happen again. That's just the life of a college student.

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