Reading Skills Types of Reading tAsks

We will be identifying all the different types of reading we do in a day. From everyday life, work, pleasure, school, to informative.

Pleasure reading

Write down the last three things you read today. Anything that involved reading, ex. Poster, tardy slip, lesson, sign, something from the vending machine, etc.

Everyday life reading

Include on your list at least one item you were good at reading or enjoyed reading.

Mrs. Haefke enjoys reading books about cats.

Now add too your list something that is hard for you to read.

Computer books are hard for Mrs Haefke to read

Now, let's share with each other your list.

There are reasons that make it hard for us to read.

1. You don't understand the subject.

2. The material is above your grade level.

3. You may have a visual impairment, like Mrs. Haefkes' double vision, or a complication such as dislexia, where your letters flip flop

4. You may not be interested in the subject therefore it is difficult to pay attention and then you won't remember what you read , you are just reading words.

5. It may be difficult for you to put the sounds of the letters in a word together and then say the word.

There are also reasons that make it easier for us to read.

1. We can put the letter sounds together and read a word.

2. We enjoy what we are reading about.

3. We can remember what we read, comprehending and understanding what went on in a story, what was being told to us about our history, or directions in a recipe to making a cake.

What kind of reading might you do everyday of your life?
Driving signs
Signs that tell us where something is
Hand written family and friend recipes
Recipes from a book
Weather conditions from your phone or iPad
Planting a garden and needing to know when and how to plant seeds.


What kind of reading do we do for gaining information?
Pamphlets that outline a wellness program.
Reading a pamphlet on how to protect yourself when on the internet.
My favorite pamphlets are the ones you find inside visitor centers that talk about places in the area that you can visit or have recreational adventures
Text books are the books we read mostly, because that is what we do the biggest part of our day.
Core subjects that we have to take
Books we need to read for specific subjects
Parts of another book not necessarily in our text, but related to the subject, (science)
Books read for pleasure
Books we read for pleasure to learn how to do something fun.
Books we read to to learn how to take care of animals
Books we read about hobbies we have.
Books we read for fun
There are books, papers, internet and phone text we have to read at work
First for work we begin with an application to get a job.
Internet reading is a big part of many jobs
Reading forms on the computer
Reports that need to be read and then filled out
Sometimes your job requires you to read and fill out many forms
Then there are a plethora of magazines that can be read for information,school,and pleasure

Why do you think reading is considered by many to be the most important academic subject?


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