Tattoos on the heart Maddie maSker

Chapter 2: Dis-grace

My favorite story in this chapter was when Lula came into G's office and showed him his grades. He was so proud. When G looked at them he was confused because it was all F's. Once he looked at the bottom he saw, "Absences: 0." I like this story because he worked so hard for no absences. He may not have done well in school, but he never missed a day.

I believe this chapter is titled dis-grace because in all the stories they start out rough. Maybe they were doing drugs or weren't going to school or didn't have clothes. By the end of the story they were doing much better. They were getting their lives together. G showed them that they needed to fix a few things in their lives.

Chapter 5: Slow Work

My favorite story in their chapter wasof Grumpy. He had turned down G's help. Years later, they were at a game. He hears him name being called and looked back. He a few homie and went to say hi. Grumpy tells him he's ready for tattoo removal.

This chapter is titled slow work. The stories relate to the title because it took a long time for them to get it together. They would turn down G saying they aren't ready yet. Later they would come back and ask for help. It took a long time, but they did it.

Chapter 7: Gladness

My favorite story in this chapter was the story of G's dad. He had called his wife and asked for her pillow. When he got it, he smelled it and layed on it. He wanted the pillow just to have a little piece of his wife. I love this story because it tells about how he wanted to better his life.

The title of this chapters was gladness. I believe it was titled this because all the story have little things that make people happy. They all had little things that made them smile. They did things because they just wanted to make them smile.

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