Storage Spaces By: helen Fulks

This would be for storing bulky winter coats and jackets. It doesn't take up a lot of space and you'd be able to put under a bed or in the back of closet.
This would be for the 4 crates of assorted books. You'd be able to make a bookshelf out of the crates which will be cute in the house if you paint the crates a good color.
This is for the boxes of old family photos. You'll be able to put all the photos in this container and would be able to roll it under your bed for easy access and easy way to hide it and not take up space.
You could put your plates and bowls that are only for entertaining on open shelves and set them up all nice so they could be used as decorations when you're not using them.
By hanging up the bicycles they won't be in the way of anything and you'll still have easy access
Put the clothes that no longer fit into a trash bag and then put them in the back of your closet. Or just give them away.
Buy a vanity from a crafts store that would allow you to put all supplies in there. You'd be able to close it which means the room won't look cluttered and it'd be easy access.
Put wrapping paper and ribbons in plastic bag holders from ikea or walmart and you'd be able to hang it up anywhere you'd like.
For shoes you can place them in a shoe organizer for the back of a door so it would still be in the closet but the shoes won't be all over the floor
For dog food put it in a metal trash bin then put in garage.
For random items you can place them on floating shelves so it'll be out of the way
For items like toothpaste you can get mirror that doubles as storage so you can place it there
A good storage place for towels would be under the sink because it's out of the way and still easy accessible.

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