Fallout Story Line Just The Crazy waste land

"War, war never changes" Fallout 3.

The fallout story starts when there timeline splits from ours. They fail to make semi-conductor in 1961 and so it moves to vacuum tube and atoms. Then In 1969 the united states becomes 13 provenances instead of 50 states. Then we skip ahead to 2037 when the mister handy are created. Next a 22 year old genus named Robert House starts robco industries and creates the pip-boy, the stealth boy, and the securtron security robot. 2044 Nuka cola takes the world by storm and every one loves it. 2051 rolls around and oil and other resources are running out and within the next year starts the resource wars. Then in 2056 the united states allows vault tech to start building vaults and tells the public there fallout shelters. In 2073 west tech does experiments that create the super mutants. Finally in 2077 the atomic bombs drop.

The Games

The first game to come out was Fallout and it was more like an RPC game and in it you play as a vault dweller from vault 13.

The next one to come out is Fallout 2 and its more like Fallout 1 then the rest and you play as the chosen one.

In Fallout 3 a lot of things change, it becomes a first person game like Skyrim.

Fallout: New Vegas comes out and it is one of the best rated Fallout games yet and in it you play as a courier who was shot in the face but survived.

Fallout 4 the newest edition to the Fallout series and possibly the worst one, but that's just opinion. You play as the sole survivor of vault 111 and you are trying to find your son.

The covers in order of date.



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