Waiting... A Christmas Thought by Justin dewell

Patience takes time. Waiting to open presents as a kid may have been the equivalent to torture in my young mind. Seeing presents with my name on them sitting under the tree commanded my attention. I could not understand why mom and dad insisted I wait until Christmas morning! Surely one or two gifts early wouldn’t hurt? Yet, every year mom and dad asked me to be patient for Christmas morning.

Once Christmas morning came I still had to wait. We couldn’t open presents until our family all made it to our house. Once everyone got there I still had to wait, but at this point I had comrades to wait with, namely my little brothers and cousin. We formed a band demanding to open presents immediately. All the adults remained resolute in waiting for the right time to open gifts. Finally, that golden moment would come. We would all gather in the living room and begin opening presents.

Over the years of opening gifts I learned a valuable lesson: waiting reveals how wonderful the gift is. Every year at Christmas I enjoyed waiting more because I knew waiting made me appreciate the gifts even more. If I would have bought myself whatever was wrapped under the tree they would not have carried the same value.

Advent is the season leading up to Christmas to help us focus on waiting for Christ’s birth and second coming. Your church may or may not include Advent in Sunday worship, but it can be a great practice to celebrate each year. We learn from waiting, like during Advent, that God is preparing us for the right time. Christmas presents teach me that God’s greatest gift is incredibly valuable. God’s people waited for generations for Jesus to come. In the same way, we are waiting for the return of Christ.

I know waiting is worth it because of Simeon’s words in Luke 2:29-32:

Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.

Simeon was on duty in the temple as a priest the day Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple to be dedicated to the Lord. For many years Simeon had been waiting for this day. How sweet these words must have been for Simeon to know his wait was over.

You too have been waiting. Whatever reason you have for working towards a degree at this stage of life, you are on the same path as many others. Trust me, once the day comes when you cross the finish line your diploma will mean so much more for the waiting. The hours spent studying and the sacrifices you and your family made to reach that point will be worth it.

May this Christmas season be a chance for you to rest and enjoy friends and family. Enjoy the presence of God as you celebrate the birth of our King this weekend. As we all continue to wait, remember the hope, peace, joy, and love which came when God sent his Son to be the greatest gift.

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Justin Dewell


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