Lions Guy Coheleach's amazing stories of African lions

Experience the thrill of Africa's magnificent lion through an incredible collection of more than 334 true stories gathered and presented by famous Wildlife Artist, Guy Coheleach, from his lifelong travels in the African bush.

After almost 50 years of fascination and field studies focused on the wildlife of Africa, Coheleach, has compiled a spellbinding collection of stories detailing historic encounters between lions and man.

With more than 334 incidents... 11 videos... 50 audios... 72 oil paintings... nearly 100 sketches & field studies... Coheleach's new Apple iBook offers the reader an amazing interactive opportunity to experience the African Lion through his eyes in fascinating new ways.

Because of the very unique interactive technologies in an Apple iBook, you will enjoy a wide range of additional entertaining features in Coheleach's iBook that will bring it to life in amazing new ways.

Coheleach is one of the world’s top wildlife artists, with more than 200 exhibitions, 5 books, numerous television and magazine articles & interviews… and a One Man Museum Exhibition that travelled to more than 40 museums over 21 years.


In addition to the 334 stories he has accumulated over his 49 years in Africa’s lion country; and in addition to 3 dozen actual news paper clippings detailing horrific man-lion encounters, this new book is far more than just a great read. This iBook presents 72 of his award-winning oil paintings of lions and other predators.

African Fish Eagle over Victoria Falls

But in addition… it has 92 of his masterful sketches and studies that you can view full screen with just a tap of your finger.

And 46 additional photos detail Guy’s life, travels, and friends along the way.

This is not just an ordinary Ebook or printed book. It is in fact an interactive Apple iBook… that will come to life in your hands in astonishing new ways.

And best of all... before spending your $3.99... you can check out a free sample portion of Guy's iBook to see how you like it!

Get a Free Sample portion of Guy's iBook. Check out Guy's Free Sample right now!

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