My trip to South Dakota 7 days

These are some photos I took while we were driving around
We were in the badlands and made a quick stop

Until you get up close to these beautiful animals you never realize how amazing they are. We were going through the bear country park and took these pictures. One of the bison came right up to the van. Most of the rest of them stayed out of the way though. We didn't get any pictures of babies. I think they just stayed out of sight.

I didn't think we'd be able to get a picture like this but we did. We were hiking through the black hills and just heard a bunch of feet moving so we stopped and took a couple pictures. We had to almost yell at my grandpa to be quiet so he didn't scare them into running. The entire time he was talking about "interesting" facts about them while they walked by. We actually didn't notice until my sister stopped moving and just looked.

During the hike we came across this cool rock face. I wanted to climb it so bad but we apparently didn't have the time. The only reason I took a picture of this is because I like rocks. Besides the fact that it's South Dakota and I'll probably never be able to go there again I like nature. If I ever do get another chance to come to South Dakota I'll take it no matter what.
Looking down a river during our kike
These dike things had a name but I don't remember what the name was
Pretty cool trees from some memorial


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