Maurice Sendak The adveNtUrous life of Maurice Sendak

Maurice with his brother Jack!

He was born in and on June,10 1928. He lived with his family in Brooklyn,NY. In his family there were Philip and Sadie his parents. His parents were both born in Poland and they were Jewish. He had a sister named Natalie and Natalie hated little baby Murray.This is Maurice Sendak. He had a brother Jack. He loved reading comics and watching movies with his brother Jack they both used to love making stories Jack would write them while Maurice would illustrate the drawings.He loved watching Mickey Mouse.An early childhood love was also music. His sister gave him his first on his ninth birthday the book was called The Prince And The Pauper.

His whole family was Jewish and all his relatives got killed from the Nazis.

There was tragic news that his whole family got killed in Poland.



He graduated in 1946 and got hired to illustrate his first book. His teacher would give him a A and 100 dollars if he drew something to trick others into studying. He had now moved to manhattan.He got promoted in manhattan and that wasn't good news he didn't wanted to be stuck with older people who had lost interest a long time ago. He quit so he moved in back with his parents in Brooklyn NY. He became interested in a girl named Rosie. Later Rosie would become the heroine in his story The Sign On Rosie's Door.

Later in life


Maurice needed a dog so in 1953 he bought Jennie a white sealyham terrier. He also married a man Eugenne Glynn,but never told his parents. He knew that people would not like an illustrator that was married to another man.

Maurice and Eugenne Glynn
"Maurice old"


In 1965 his mother had cancer and Jennie his dog would soon die. To help his fear he made a book called Higgelty Piggltey Pop about his dog. His mother died in 1968. His father moved after the upsetting event. Two years later his dad died in 1970.He almost died because of a heart attack in 1967 also his dog dies a couple days later. So he moved in somewhere else in 1972. His brother died in 1995 and his sister in 2004 and Eugenne died in 2007. His heart was broken into pieces.

Danbury Conn

An upsetting event happened on May 8 , 2012 . Maurice died at 83 died Tuesday in Danbury,Conn. He had a stroke.


By 1963 he made seven published books and more than forty illustrations. Five books he illustrated had won Caldecott medals. He had illustrated/ written these books Little bears visit,Mr.Rabbit and the lovely surprise,The sign on Rosie's door,and the famous book Where The Wild Things Are,Very Far Away,Kennys Window. He got a award for What do you say dear,and Little bears visit. Where the Wild Things are was originally were the wild horses are. He also made the nutcracker. He also helped make Sesame Street in 1970.

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