Cleo By helen brown

Helen lives in a home in New Zealand with her tow boys and her husband, living a pretty normal life. Until one day when tragedy strikes, her older son, Sam, dies from being hit by a car.

Just before Sam had died, he had picked out a kitten.. the runt of the litter. They named her cleopatra, or Cleo for short.

Cleo came home after Sam had died and wiggled her way into a dog person's family, forcing them to love her. As time went on, Cleo helped heal the bonds of losing their child and even welcomed a new addition to the family! A baby girl was born into the family and everything changed. Rob, the younger brother made new friends and their lives became more positive.

As life went on Helen got a job at a journalism company and Cleo continued to hold the family together.

Eventually job opportunities came by and the family moved to different parts on the globe.

A year passed and everyone came back together again in New Zealand. Not long after though, Helen's husband got a job in Australia, so the family packed their bags and moved.

Tragedy struck the family again when Helen and her husband got a divorce. However, Cleo was still there, old but still keeping the family together.

After a while Helen fell in love with a man named Philip. He was emotionally strong and understood everything about Sam's death. He loved the kids and he loved Helen. Eventually, Helen and Philip got married, and had a child named Katherine.

Not to long after the wedding, Rob went off to college. As well as suffering from many medical issues, Rob struggled through early adulthood. But he pulled through and Cleo obviously helped.

Cleo died shortly after Rob was healed, but she lived to be 24 years old. she came into her family when she was needed as an ugly runt with no hair, and turned into a majestic guardiuan angel over the family. She served her purpose and was truly loved.

Cleo the cat


Created with images by Patrick Feller - "The eyes of an old black cat" • irinaraquel - "Jane Crowther - Black Cat" • namestartswithj89 - "Kashmir" • psyberartist - "Black and Blue" • ralph and jenny - "Black Cat in Birdbath" • juliaorige - "cat kitten black cat" • Dun.can - "Long shadow" • LeahLikesLemon - "Dandelion King" • view from 5'2" - "Black Cat, White House" • skeeze - "cat tuxedo portrait" • hermaion - "cat feline black" • torne (where's my lens cap?) - "hydrangea + black cat 1"

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