The Divine Good Life bY aBYSON kalladanthyil

Spatial Experience

When I walked into the theatre, a burst of brisk air hit me. It was a bit chilly in the theatre, which I liked, it signified an almost refresh-ing like experience. It was a transition from the outside world of reality, to the inside world of fantasy and theatre. I sat towards the front, where I was able to fully immerse myself with the theatre experience and really be close to it. This helped me focus in on what the actors were saying and portraying. Because of the location of where I sat, I was oblivious to the size of the theatre because I was fully immersed with the play and what was happening on stage. When the lights dimmed I grew very excited about being transported to another realm and being a part of this live story. Place is a very important role in the Good life. It represents where people reside and where they decide to experience the Good life. My decision to place myself near the front of the theatre, led to a better theatre experience which helped me get the most out of going to see this play.

Social Experience

The theatre experience was very much enhanced by the fact that I went to it with my friends. They were all dressed up but I was very busy that day, so I did not have time to dress up a lot. I believe if I dressed up, I could have had a better experience if I dressed up in order to fully respect the theatre and the experience that it provides. Going with my friends was really great because we were able to talk about the play afterwards and it was a topic of conversation, thus we were able to extract more ideas and thoughts from what we saw. We gained even more through our conversations. Shared experiences are essential to the Good life, because one is able to understand more about life through the perspectives of others and the comparison of those perspectives with those of your own.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play helped me see the Catholic Church in a different light. As a Catholic, I have experienced the same religious guilt/ conflicts that occur in the play, and I have known that the extreme parts of the play like the sexual harassment and misconduct of priests and officials have been an issue but it is rarely talked about. So when the play put this conflict out in the open and focused on it, it helps me understand more about the Church and really take into account my bias. This is also a very pertinent idea in society, we often try to ignore or not focus on any sexual misconduct or conflicts (rape, molestation, etc), this play helps us understand the effects of these kinds of actions.

The Emotional Experience

Throughout this play, we were often presented with ideas that aren't talked about. Through the presentation of this material, people are given more to think about and forced to deconstruct their psyche in order to truly peer into themselves. This play allows for Katharsis because people are able to truly talk about these uncomfortable ideas and come clean through their thoughts and interactions around this idea.

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