The Book Thief Themes By jordan gray

Harmful Humans

“I am haunted by humans”. (page

This proves that everything Max has gone through this is how Max feels, he is going through so much, because he is a Jew. And how everything he has gone through has been caused by humans. He has been taken away from his family, while his family was okay with it. He doesn't know where his family is and that he doesn't know what to do with his life and that the cards that he has been dealt, and the situations that he has been put it, they are all by humans. The quote that I picked tells a lot about what Max feels because he is in these situations and he gets put in places where he doesn't want to be, but has to adapt to it and in a way make the best out of what is given. Humans are evil, and sometimes they don't care. There was family that would take in Jews because they wanted to keep them safe from the outside, and Jewish families were never found again after time. Like people want to save them, and sometimes they put themselves in danger to help others from the bad humans.

This picture looks describes hurt because, it looks like she is in pain, and in the book it related to this picture because though Max you can see the hurt in his eyes and though his eyes. And gives you a new perspective, of how he feels thought what all is going on.

This article shows Death by humans, and it describes how people can hurt you both physically and mentally. And sometimes it can hurt a lot and having someone do something to somebody you love or somebody that you care about. It sucks to be dealt with everything and to deal with all of it. You have to sometimes learn to cope with what people say and what they do in order to live.

You never know what to expect

“She was saying goodbye and she didn't even know it.”

This quote is basically explaining how you don't know what is going to happen until it does, and you kind of take everything for granite. Relating it to when Max leaves, how you never know who you're going to see again or who you're going to cross paths with again, because the world that they live in is not one where everything isn't guaranteed. When Max was taken away from his family, he didn't even say goodbye to his family but when he came back to them, they were all gone and he regrets it and wishes that he would've said something, because leaving, even knowing the outcomes of other things, he didn't want to say goodbye, but then regretting it after when everything was basically taken away from him when he did end up coming back to see them. Moral of theme is you never know what is going to happen until it does and you have regret after if it really didn't go your way.

This picture is a good example of the quote because you never know when you have to say goodbye or the costs of saying it, and if you really want to more or less. Its like do you want to say goodbye knowing that when you come back you may not see them forever or not saying goodbye and still losing them but not having that closure that is needed.

This is a blog that says the same thing where you don't want to say goodbye to anyone especially ones that you love because its the fear of not having them anymore and, living without them. This ties into both the theme and quote. Of not wanting to say it and just keeping it to yourself.

Odd way around it

“Even death has a heart.”

This quote is about how when you lose somebody in your life, you never feel as it's real and death is universal, and grief doesn't get better over time. And it Goes with the book because death feels bad even when something like that happens, you really can't be so called "happy" about a death and it can't be a good thing its always going to affect people and effect situations. Having a hole in your heart more or less it fills with other things that can cause things to happen that normally wouldn't. Like no matter what kind of day it is whether its a happy day or bad things will come up to make you remember or bring up more memories that will effect your day. So going back to even death has a heart is basically saying how death isn't always going to be "happy" about it, it is still going to have that forever pain that will always come up no matter what, it never ends.

This picture goes along with this quote because it is a visual representation of how even when a heart is broken or someone dies, your heart will never be the same you can still see the cracks and still see the damage that has been done. You can't fix it totally it will always effect you for the rest of your life and it will bring up things that effect those parts especially and have it effect you forever.

This article is about losing someone and how from 3 years later you still can be affected like this isn't a week long or month long thing it stays with you for a long time. You grief for a long time and even the people that didn't like them or what not, they still fell like they have lost a huge part. Thats why they say even death has a heart.


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