Parvoviridae By Claire greenwood

What are Parvovirus?

Parvovirus B19
  • Linear, non-segmented single strand DNA viruses
  • Average genome size: 5000 nucleotides
  • Among some of the smallest viruses

What are Dependoparvovirus?

  • Formerly known as Dependovirus or Aden-associated virus group
  • Group II viruses that cannot replicate successfully in their host cell without being connected with a helper virus
  • Genome is a single stranded single molecule

Infection Cycle of Aden-associated Virus

  • The virus first attaches to the cell membrane and starts a receptor-mediated endocytosis
  • Endosomal trafficking then occurs followed by escape from the endosome or lysosome
  • Virus is then translocated to the nucleus
  • Double stranded DNA is formed and rep genes are replicated
  • Genome replication takes place and cap genes are expressed
  • Lastly complete virons are assembled and released from the infected cell
DNA Replication of a human parvovirus

Life Cycle of Aden-Associated Virus

Can be:

  • Lysogenic-
  • Integration of the bacteriophage nucleic acid into the host's genome
  • Lytic-
  • Results in the destruction of the infected cell and its membrane

Most Notable Characteristic

AAV has a deficiency in replication, therefore has an inability to multiply in unaffected cells. In the absence of a helper virus, AAV DNA can either integrate into the host genome or continue in episomal form.

Role in Medical Research

  • Often used in gene therapy due to AAV's lack of pathogenicity
  • Can affect dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Able to specifically integrate into the host cell genome at a specific site (AAVs1) in human chromosome 19
  • More predictable than retroviruses, which present the threat of random insertion
  • Because of the advantages of using AAV scientists have created scAAV in which two DNA strands are complementary to each other and can express more quickly
Electron microscope image of an AAv virus

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