Learn Your Camera Beyond AUTO MODE WITH PHOTOJOURNALIST Malinda Hartong

I can not recommend Malinda and her class enough. I was fortunate enough to get a great deal on a DSLR camera but didn't have the knowledge to know how to use it correctly. After night 1 in her course I was able to successfully capture a picture of my son breaking a board in martial arts practice. I now not only feel comfortable with my camera but I can change my settings & recognize adjustments I need to make, in fact it's becoming second nature. I learned so much & love having the incredible hand outs to refer back to as needed. Thank you Malinda for being such a wonderful teacher. Kate

Focus where YOU want

Factory defaults, AUTO, and scene modes ALL control where & how your camera focuses. Kate learned how to set focus to get that shot she'd been trying to capture for years on AUTO. She locked focus on the board and waited. And got it on the 1st try!

Want to blur the background? Just use your telephoto lens & zoom all the way in!

Keep it SIMPLE

You don't need to learn Manual Mode or shoot huge RAW files to get amazing photos. Glenn Hartong (award winning news photographer over 30 years shooting every day) and many of our clients use Program Mode (P) - it just lets you SHOOT!

You can shoot rings around everyone else, capture images others miss because you'reĀ NOT having to change every single button for every single shot.

Clients are always blown away how SIMPLE we make it! Honestly it doesn't need to be hard! Nikon & Canon have been put their blood sweat & tears into their gear for DECADES - WHY throw all that away with Manual Mode?

Learn how to get the most out of the gear you have.

Control Flash & Exposure Like a Pro

Flash on a bright sunny day? YES! I'll show you how - this Pro trick will blow your mind!

Did you know your camera has a quick way to make sunsets amazing and keep those light subjects from looking like a giant white blob? Again - so simple - and this trick will change your photos FOREVER! You'll learn how to get great exposures even on your PHONE!

Quickly fix flash & exposure. Spend less time editing & make better photos every day!

Group Class

DSLR Beyond AUTO is an 8 hour class with up to 8 participants, with handouts for YOUR camera with diagrams of buttons and step by step settings, plus tons of examples and time to practice, all for $150 at our studio near Winton Woods

Private Lessons

Choose 1, 2, or 3 lessons to learn just what you want, from your camera to photo editing. Lessons are 2 hours each, at our studio near Winton Woods, at the park, Glenwood Gardens, or the village square in Glendale. Our most popular package is 2 lessons for $199. Or bring a friend & split the cost just $125 per person for 2 lessons. Travel to you is also available.

Small class sizes allow lots of time for practicing!
Contact us with any questions - we're happy to help you make amazing images! 513-245-4100
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