Honeymoon Part 4 San francisco

Day 7 - 21/09/19

To begin are first full day in San Francisco, we decided to get our bearings and make our way to Fisherman’s Wharf. After hiking up several hills to get there, we picked up our tour tickets for both Muir Woods and the hop on/off bus. We then found a bench overlooking Alcatraz to admired the view, before checking out some of the piers heading towards Ghirardelli Square. Before we reached the square we admired the view of the beach and the bay and saw glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge. At the square we perused the shops, followed by a bite to eat at the lovely ‘cheese school’ with its gorgeous view overlooking the bay. We treated ourselves to a lovely fondue for two with some rosé cider, this was just what we needed. We then got ready for the climb back to the hotel. We went via Lombard St, of course the hike killed us, but the views made up for it. The west side of union square is quite run down and we did feel a little vulnerable, but knew we were near the hotel.

View of Coit Tower
View of Alcatraz
Fisherman’s Wharf
Boats in the Harbour
Fondue with a view
Lombard Street

Day 8 - 22/09/19

It was an early start for our morning tour to Muir Woods, with another hike back to Fisherman’s Wharf for the bus - however this time we went for a flatter route! The bay was covered in fog, which made it feel a little eerie looking out over to Alcatraz island. We hopped on the bus and made our way to the woods. We stopped just before the bridge at the palace of fine arts, which was an expo that became a permanent feature. The driver on the bus informed us that the fog covering the bay is actually called ‘Karl the fog’, named after the misunderstood giant in the film Big Fish. Arriving at Muir Woods we set off for a peaceful stroll around the redwoods, admired the height of them. 90 minutes later and we were heading back to the bus to visit Sausalito.

The fog over the bay and The Palace of Fine Arts
Muir Woods

We got to explore Sausalito for 30 minutes on route back to San Francisco, it’s a lovely little town overlooking the bay. Once back at Fisherman’s Wharf, we walked along the famous pier 39. Of course checked out the seals, as well as spotting pelicans. We decided it was time for a bite to eat so found a nice restaurant at the end of the pier. We then hopped on the hop on/off bus to head back to our hotel. Even if this meant being on the bus for 3 hours - which was a great way to see the city and saved our legs.

Pier 39
Artwork whilst on the bus tour
City Hall
Some of the many San Francisco Houses
Golden Gate Bridge
Feeling a little wind swept from crossing the bridge
Union Square

Day 9 - 23/09/19

Today we decided to hop back on the bus to go and visit the Painted Ladies, which is also known as ‘Postcard Row’. We then enjoyed the view of San Francisco at Alamo Square, which is opposite the Ladies. We then walked from here down to Golden Gate Park, which was about 35 minutes away. Going via Panhandle Park, where we spotted our first hummingbird. Do you know how small they are? We decided to walk the whole of Golden Gate Park, which is a good 3 miles to get to the beach. On the walk we visited a lovely dahlia garden, saw a couple of lakes where Canadian Geese were and located the two windmills at the end of the park. One is a Dutch style and the other is the Murphy windmill. They were originally built to pump water for irrigating the park, before modern motors were fitted. We sat on the promenade enjoying the view over the beach out into the ocean, before walking to the bus stop located in the middle of the park by the science museum. We once again went over the Golden Gate Bridge with the wind in are hair. We got off at Union Square again and headed to the Cheesecake Factory for tea. The food was amazing!

Alamo Square - Painted Ladies
Golden Gate Park and the beach
The bus trip back and our food from the Cheesecake Factory

Day 10 - 24/09/2019

Time to pack and pick up the rental SUV for our road trip down to LA. We ended up with a massive SUV, and made our way to Lombard St. We planned a route through Chinatown to get there, this was lovely with the hanging Chinese lanterns and colourful buildings. It was an experience to drive down Lombard St, unfortunately the GoPro was flat, so at the bottom we stopped to get the camera out. But, trying to park the SUV was a challenge in itself, especially on a hill! We then paid another visit back to Ghirardelli’s to pick up some chocolate as gifts for our return home, plus we also enjoyed some lovely Chinese food for lunch, before making our way back to the SUV. We then headed towards the Presido area of San Francisco to take some shots of Golden Gate Bridge. Before venturing to Monterey Bay our first stop off on our road trip. It was lovely driving along the coast road and seeing the sunset before arriving at the hotel.

The SUV - a Beast!
Driving through Chinatown
View from Lombard Street
From the bottom of crooked street
Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Crosby
The Coastal Road

Here is a little glimpse from the weekend we had in this video:

We look forward to sharing the next part of our honeymoon adventure and the road trip to LA, see you soon, The Collards xx