What I Learned in Prostart Term 2 - Jaci Hulse

Fajitas: We were learning about cooking methods for meat. This was our dry-heat lab.
Salsa: This lab wasn't necessarily to teach us anything specific, but it was tasty. It was my first time handling Anaheim peppers. It was also interesting to improvise more than we normally do.
Mac and Cheese: While this picture isn't necessarily the actual mac and cheese we made, but I don't have a picture for it. We made this while studying the Five Mother Sauces. This was to showcase B├ęchamel.
Knife Cuts: These three are Battonet, Julienne, and Brunoise. This Picture doesn't make them look that great, but they were pretty okay.
Big Chill Retro Fridge: I know it's not like a super fancy appliance that helps with cooking or anything, but I've always wanted one of these. I've always imagined a mint one, but it looked weird in the picture, but I like light blue too. It'd be so cute in a little retro kitchen:) Anyway, I found it at bigchill.com for a whopping $3490.


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