What are urban reserves?

Urban reserves are First Nation communities that exist inside towns and cities across Canada and the United States. They come to be by one of two ways;

-a rural reserve is surrounded by the expansion of a town or city close to them

-a First Nation goes through the process of acquiring a piece of land in a city or town and using it as a reserve

Urban reserves are beneficial for both the First Nation community and the urban community it shares space with by creating jobs for First Nation people, enhancing the reputation of the urban community as a place that aboriginal people can be successful, helping the city's economy and providing a base for Aboriginal culture, representation, and growth.

Canada has over 120 urban reserves and Saskatchewan has the majority. The Peter Ballantyne First Nation has 3 communities in and on the outskirts of Prince Albert, they organize festivals for the community and run shops for residents.

It is important we are aware of the first peoples on our land, the misconceptions about them are only misconceptions, although they don't pay taxes, they do have negotiated agreements with the government to pay for their services, and they really do help our economy.


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