Mars Mission Plan Race to the red planet


The mission will be launched cape Canaveral flordia during the summer time. the mission is to land on mars. Going to mars would at least take 162 days. things you will would have to take on this mission would consist of food, tools, and the right kind of medical care. But the main goal of this is to find if people are going to be able live on mars.

the crew members that would be going would be Joseph Adams, who is educated and has his masters degree in engineering. He's been training for multiple years to become the pilot for this mission. Abby Rachel has her doctorate degree in medicine and will be the doctor for the crew. Billy Andrew has his

The spacecraft has three parts. One part of the rocket launches it out of the orbit the second part of ship pushes the spaceship into a new orbit the spaceship is what the crew will ride into mars.

The environment the crew will live in are in like dome like habitats underground. the space station will protect them from radiation from the surface. The additional thing they will have to bring a frozen food supply to last four years but the water will be recycled urine from the crew members and there space suits will be given to them by NASA. When the crew gets to mars the experiments they will have to do is to find how to make mars suitable and see if its even possible to do so.


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