Who Am I Davia Habben

Today Were Going to Talk About

  • Who I Thought I Was
  • My CIS Results
  • My Career Options
  • The Education and Schooling I Could Pursue
  • Finally, the Companies Offering My Position

Who I Thought I Was


  • Confident
  • Social
  • Public Speaking and Performing
  • Knew I Wanted to Teach


  • Didn't Know What I Wanted to Teach
  • Didn't Know What I Wanted in a Career
  • To Giving

Plans and Goals

  • Attend Boise State
  • Get Bachelors and Masters in Secondary Education
  • Get a Job as a Teacher
  • Become A Theater Teacher or Debate Coach

My CIS Results

Interest Profile:

  • Score of 29 in Artistic
  • Score of 23 in Enterprising
  • Score of 21 in Social
  • Score of 13 Realistic


  • High Interest in Mechanical
  • High Interest in Community, Education, and Childcare
  • High Interest in Public Speaking and Enterprising

Workplace Importance Locator

  • Achievement and Independence
  • Recognition and Support
  • Work Conditions and Relationships

Career Cluster

  • Government and Public Administration
  • Finance
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Arts
  • Education

Future Plans

Career and School

  • Theater Director and Educator
  • BA Theatre Arts- Secondary Education
  • Boise State University
  • High School
  • Civic Center/ Private Education

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