Your best ideas should be shared (or they stay just that ... an idea!)

One day 2 years ago I swam in the sea 3 times at different beaches on Gower, I didn't plan to do it, it just happened that way. It made me wonder if it was possible to swim all the beaches on Gower in one single glorious day? I forgot all about my idea until I was watching walkers on Tor Bay walking from Oxwich to Pobbles at one of the super low tides in September. It suspect it would have remained nothing more than an idle thought had I not mentioned it to Barney (on left above) later that day. He, like me, was also taken by my ponderance. So we planned a possible route for the next month (October) and Michelle (in the middle above) also joined the ranks of the curious wild swimmers. Fast forward to the 15th October and the 3 of us were meeting up at 5.30am to try and crack what I call The Gower Beach Hop but Viking Swim and The Idiots Bath are just as applicable. Did we do it? Scroll down to see some photo's of the day.

We got to Whitford in the dark at 7am it was a grey start to the day but spirits were high!

My fellow wild swimmers are probably just Vikings!
Walking back from Whitford and the day was brightening up!

Broughton is easy to get to compared to the 3 miles to Whitford and back & the water was incredibly calm, life's good!

Bright sunshine & already gone 8.30 .. hats firmly on heads!

Rhossili & Llangennith and the sky had changed again, a dark and brooding atmosphere made for an elemental swim.

Yes we did run down the beach a ways to take in Rhossili as well

Fall Bay was amazing, the sun came out and the sea never looked so welcoming.

Round the rocks to Mewslade
The coast line between Fall Bay & Mewslade is the best on Gower

Mewslade is only great scramble round the rocks from Fall Bay, lots of dry sand to change on!

Barney laying out the tarp on Mewslade
October is definitely great for swimming in.

Port Eynon and Slade are next round the coast, I was getting cold by then and even Barney started keeping his hat on!

Walking round to Slade past Horton

4pm & 3 Cliffs was looking pretty cold with rain on its way, was great to have Mark join us for a few swims too.

Walking up from 3 cliffs in the rain, as it we we weren't wet enough!

Now 6pm Pwll Du is probably my favourite beach and the crew are stiil going strong

Pwll Du
Another Mark came to join us at Pwll Du, off to Brandy Cove now
Brandy Cove, small and perfectly formed.
Mark making it look easy
Raining proper now .. cups of tea at Hareslade and a chance to warm up before Caswell.

Barney & Meesh keeping up the smiles at Caswell, suns getting low now but only 3 more swims to go!

Castellamare had its lights on over Limeslade, not much day left now.

Looking a bit ragged but only one more beach to go!

Huzzar!! Bracelet Bay in the dying light. 18 beaches, 10 miles on foot (the rest by car) and 13 Hrs later we did it! We couldn't have filled the day with more, the only thing left to do was get back for a shower and a tot or two.

In case you wondered in total we swam Whitford, Broughton, Llangennith, Rhossili, Fall Bay, Mewslade, Port Eynon, Horton, Slade, Oxwich, 3 Cliffs, Pobbles, Pwll Du, Brandy Cove, Caswell, Langland, Limeslade & Bracelet Bay.

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So to answer my question can you swim them all in one day .. YES YOU CAN! It's a very long day (13 hrs), it needs many towels (we didn't have enough), a changing tarp, lots of tea and welsh cakes and most definitely some friends to share your adventure. An amazing day of weather, coast, banter, swims and if you fancy having a go we will be doing it again this year, maybe you'd like to join us?

So remember when you have a good idea don't keep it to yourself share it with your mates! I can personally recommend Barney and Meesh as the wild swimmers extraordinaire. Thanks for viewing, Matty.

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