Great migration Kyla DeVaughn

The chain Gang by William H. Johnson in 1939. What life was like in the south. Most African Americans were put through excruciating and hard labor.
Dream By Jacob Lawerence Life in the south for African Americans. A lot of them were falsely imprisoned. And sent to jail for petty crimes.
William Johnson Push pull factors. To have better jobs in the north blacks could get different kind of good paying jobs. Many of them were manual labor or taking care of others.
Ironers by Jacob Lawerence 1943
palmer hayden What people experienced in the north. They were able to come together without being threatend by the police.
Being able to get education without a fight.
Aaron Douglas What people expected once they got to the north they would have complete freedom. In the south blacks were killed for no reason. However once they got to the north it was freedom.
Jacob Lawerence When blacks came up north segregation wasn't really a thing so the blacks and whites could eat together.
Aaron Douglas
Palmer Hayden People had money so they could do things they wanted like get their portraits done.
The Ascent of Ethiopia by Lois Mailou
Palmer Hayden When people came to the north there was no reason for the railroads.
Palmer Hayden
Palmer Hayden People lived in ghettos and were able to own their properties and cars.
William Johnson
William Johnson Blacks were able to be equal in the U.S services.

I choose these pieces of art because each one has a different story. Such as picture#3 with the people above and below the train. The train is the border between happiness and sorrow. Where the bottom half of the painting there is a lynching happening. Rather to the top half they are happy and in freedom. Another is painting #4 with the three women. I choose that one for what they experienced when they got to the North. They were able to get jobs that paid better. The three women are most likely maids seamstresses or housekeepers. I say they are dressed in all white ironing as someone else's clothes.

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