Eos Titan Goddess of Dawn


  • She was the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia
  • Her brother was Helios, God of the sun
  • Her sister was Selene, Goddess of the moon
  • She was married to Astraeus, God of Dusk


Astraeus and Eos had lots of children that represented everything that happened between dusk and dawn. Some of her children are the Astra Planeta (wandering stars or planets) and the four Anemoi (winds spirits), and Eosphorus (the Morning Star).

Character Traits

Charming: She had lots of lovers and so I assume that she would be really charming.

Peaceful: From what I've found she was never really engaged in any sort of combat so she's pretty peaceful.

Graceful: She rises every morning to change the night into morning and the way they describe her doing it makes her seem graceful.

Discussion Statement

I believe that Eos is one the most under looked Greek Gods she is much more important and contributes much more then what is usually shown.


I believe that what the mortals of that time valued or wanted is someone to serve or worship becaus they glorified the gods especially Helios and Eos.

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