Immagration BY SEIRY TORAL

What is Immagration? Immagration are people who capture immagrants who enter the country illegaly. People do that just because they look for easier lives because of the world how everyday its harder and harder each morning us as immagrants to live in a country knowing that some americans criticize us because we're from other country's and those people think we are diffrent from them. People get affected by losing or getting seperated by they’re family because they are here illegaly.. Im being affected with this issue as of right now it is happening and yes there is fear of me getting seperated by my family but this affects me because if they deport my family im gonna be the taking care of my sisters and i will have to leave sall my achievements from school behind. My family and friends and community can be affected with all of this immagration stuff by losing everything they have accomplished in this country everything they’ve done just for them to lose it all just because of one selfish President.

These are some people that are protesting for rights and all because they want whats fair.

This issue was affecting people 50 years ago by having to starve at there country while other countrys had it all. Immagrants really didnt have freedom and kind of still dont because they have to be careful where they go they cant go every where they would like to go someday. These issues are still the same today because it is happening every where now in the United States if you are a criminal you go to the original country your suppose to be in.

In 50 years from today i think immagrants should be able to enter the country without no papers or any passports because im going to do anything possible to change all of the immagration stuff. I also think americans and the president will realize that immagrants here did a big change to this country for them only to kick them out after they’re hard work here in america.

What did they do to help that was so important? List at least 2 influential quotes from this person. Luis Gutierrez once said “Because the truth is today’s immagrants, as they have for generation after generation, the longest hours at the hardest jobs for the lowest pay, jobs that are just about impossible to fill.”That quote says a lot and should always show the actual meaning of it another quote of Luis Gutirerrez “I have only one loyalty and that’s to the immagrant community.”

Something I would do for immagrants to have they’re freedom and have they’re rights would be first of all give all kind of immagrants papers.To be able to enter the country but this country also would have to be safe so they’re would be extra people at the border lines just to make sure everything is under control beacause yes they can have they’re freedom but it can’t all just go all to a mess.All racist people would be with some kind of punishment for not being fair to everyone.


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