my favorite music by karn

Artists by : Halsey

...I like Classical...

I like classical music It is a form of music This usually means that music is the art of the West.Performing classical music to musical instruments, the four groups (String) consists of violin, viola, cello and double bass.The second group is the woodwind (Woodwind), like flute clarinet, oboe, bassoon Paralympic cattle world depression, the three brass (Brass), eg, trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn group. Fourth, Percussion (Percussion), such as timpani cymbals, drum major (bass drum) Banking (triangle) when playing together in a band called the Band or Orchestra (Orchestra), whose music director .

I would like to study in THaksin university...

I want to study here because the place is completed by teachers. I want to be a teacher, I love it and my parents loved it as well.

My experience favorite festival is Lanta island in Thailand..

A boat ride on the island is much more fun to watch the view of the sea, I'm very much.

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