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Thank you for advertising with the Fundraising Directory! We will work with you to help you put your best face forward to the volunteer decision makers of Australia!

If you need help with your advertising, just reach out to us at admin@fundraisingdirectory.com.au.

Thanks again, we look forward to working with you!!

xMandy aka the Fundraising Whisperer

PS here is the link to the Fundraising Directory Media Kit in case you need it.

Specs cheatsheet

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Directory Listing specifications

Search Result:

  • Search Result Image: 340x280 pixels
  • Search Result text: a short, descriptive excerpt

Directory Listing:

  • Header Image: 1350x565 pixels - png, gif or jpg
  • Text: approximately 300 words

Here is an example directory listing:

You can create images to this size, or if you need help, just send us some high quality images and your logo and we are happy to put together something simple for you.

We are able to customise the colour of the header and call-to-action buttons to match your listing image.

Additional options for Premium Advertisers

In addition to enjoying priority in the search results, premium advertisers can also add a video to the body of their listing and they can customise the questions asked in their information request form.

Banner Ads

Home Page Featured Idea

  • Image: 250x150 pixels - png, gif or jpg
  • Short description
  • Animation is a not available

MREC (Medium Rectangle)

  • 300x250 pixels - png, gif or jpg
  • Animation is not allowed unless previously organised!

The MREC also appears in rotation in the search results pages and throughout the articles.

More Ad Sizes

One-Click Information Request

  • Square image - we ask for 800x800 pixels but it often displays smaller
  • One or two words about what you provide, for example samples or your information pack.


  • 728x90 pixels

Campaign Specifications

eNewsletter Ad

Each newsletter features up to 6 eNewsletter ads where we replicate the image and text of your search results unless an alternative is provided prior.

Partner Offer

A Partner Offer email contains your message only and is sent to our database of around 32,000 subscribers. We work with you to craft a call-to-action specific to our audience to maximise your return on investment.

We will work with you to craft the partner offer email, but in general terms, we recommend:

  • A header image 600x300 (height is flexible, width is fixed)
  • Compelling copy with a strong call-to-action
  • A footer image 600x200 (height is flexible, width is fixed)

Past partner offer emails:

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