Christmas around the world


Kris Kringle is like Santa but while kids are asleep Kris Kringle would come like Santa and the presents would be in their shoes but if they were bad they would get switches for spanking. Kris Kringle would ride ether a mule or a white horse.

Martin Luther was the first person to cut and use a real tree for Christmas and he decorated the evergreen tree with candles.

Great Britain: Mistletoe is an important part of the English holiday because if a girl is kissed under the mistletoe she is given one berry from the plant to bring her good luck. When the berries are gone so are the kisses. Christmas crackers are paper cylinders filled with small prizes and riddles they make a noisy cracking sound when they are opened sometimes they include paper hats which are supposed to be worn at the Christmas table.

France: St.Nick Eve. French children leave their shoes by the fire place or radiator in hopes that they too will receive some treats.

Spain: Outdoors market open early in December selling zambombas tambourines ,small guitars, and other musical instruments that will accompany groups of people as they sing.

Scandinavia: St.Lucia is the Queen of Light

Godjul is a Swedish Christmas greetings.

Italy: Befana is a tiny old woman dressed in black and riding a broom stick from house to house on the Eve of Epiphany. Gesu Bambino is baby Jesus.

Netherlands: Sneldichters are fast poets and sell their poems. Sinter Klaas is the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas.

Poland: The Star Man comes and ask the children question on their Bible lessons if they get them right they get rewards if they get them wrong they get scold. When it is Christmas Eve the table cloth has to be white and straw is sat under the table in reminder of Christs birth.

Ukraine: Christmas tree branches are decorated in spider webs.

Russia: Babouschkas are dolls that go inside each other

Mexico: Poinsettia is a Christmas flower that was in mexico and brought to the United States.

America: Santa Claus has 8 reindeer and he fly's around the world in one night with his reindeer delivering presents that elf's made for all the good boys and girls.


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