Mt. Tambora, Indonesia, April 10th-15th, 1815 Jonah Parker, 3rd Hour , Jan 23 2017

April 10th - 15th, 1815 Mount Tambora also known as Mount Tamboro erupted killing more people than any other volcanic eruption in history. The eruption killed between 80,000-100,000 people causing a major devastation to everyone in the world. Not only did the eruption shack the world by killing over 80,000 individuals but it also caused a climate change in the world. Prior to this catastrophic eruption there were no signs of volcanic activity there for thousands of years. Therefore when Mt.Tambora erupted everyone was shocked and went into a panic. Not only did it send people into shock it caused everyone to go into depression because of its horrible effects and the amount of people it killed both indirectly and directly.
The top image shows Mt.Tambora before the explosion in 1815.The image below shows the mountain in the process of erupting. The last image shows the mountain after Mt.Tambora was completely done erupting.
These three images show where Mount Tambora took place.
Tambora's eruption was so drastic that it left its marks around the entire world. The effects of Tambora was so severe that it caused a reduction in global temperatures for the following year. The first eruption on April 10th pushed ash 32.1869 kilometers into the atmosphere and emptied about 50-150 cubic km of magma as the mountain broke apart small tremors and pyroclastic flows started.A caldera formed around the remainder of the volcano. About five days later so much ash came from the mountain caused the sun to be completely covered for several days. The flame thrown from the volcano was so major it leaked over into the oceans creating steam explosions. Not only did the explosion cover the sun and caused the oceans to steam it also made an nice size tsunami. As the volcano erupted it shook so hard that it throw a ton of ash and rocks from the mountain reducing its height from 14,000 to 9,000 feet. Tambora's eruption also caused spectacularly colored sunsets around the world. The explosion made snow come to Western Europe and Eastern North America during their summer killing frost there and made crops fail causing diseases in the surrounding areas. Mount Tambora is still listed as the world's worst volcanic eruption.
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