St Mary's College Term 3 - Version 4

Early Learning Centre

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Primary Book Week

The students at St Mary’s celebrated their love of books and reading in some exciting ways during Book Week this year. The Art Club painted a magnificent banner which reflected this year’s theme of ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’ which is on display in the Library. We unfurled the banner at the assembly to open Book Week and the Year 1 classes performed 2 poems encouraging us to enjoy our reading.

The Year 3-6 classes went to the town Library to hear author/illustrator Kylie Howarth talk about her craft and they produced some amazing pictures.

Some classes took up the 2021 Reading challenge and read for 2021 seconds without stopping.

There were different activities in the Library each lunchtime with students making Book Week Bookmarks, anemones to use as pencil toppers and of course the ever popular colouring in pictures.

As a grand finale, the entire school dressed up as book characters and paraded around proudly in our Bookay Parade declaring their love of books. It was a week full of fun that showed how much St Mary’s students love reading!

Dianne Leitch - Primary Library Manager

Primary Colour Fun Run

Gabby Prime Teacher Primary

Year 5 Lombadina Cultural Camp

Last week the Year 5 students went to Lomabadina for their cultural camp. The week was full of fun and excitement as we learnt about the land and how to find food and live sustainably. It was really exciting to be learning from all the different teachers and to have our parents help us on camp. Some of our best experiences where

“The best part for me was when we got to go to the creek and catch some crabs and fish and then eat them for dinner with all of our friends”. Kirk

“Going to One Arm Point and visiting the hatchery was so much fun along with doing all the fishing, crabbing and spearing with my friends”. Sachjein

“I really enjoyed going into the mangroves and sinking into the mud and catching the crabs. I also love going to thehatchery and patting the turtle”. Mahli

“For me the best part was going spearing and then jumping in the water with my friends. I also loved all the crabbing and snorkelling that we did”. Eliysse

“The best part of camp was having so much fun with everyone swimming and cooking the marshmallows on the camp fire”. Dylan

A massive thank you to Miss Janenell, Mr Ameer and Mr Brad for sharing your knowledge, land and culture with us.

Another massive thank you to Miss Ysabelle, Miss Reannan, Miss Coby, Mr Kello, Mr Ses, Miss Lauren, Miss Ellen, Mr Din and Mr James for helping look after all of the students and making the camp such an brilliant trip.

We also cannot forget to say a massive thank you to all of our parent helpers, Mr Jason, Mr David, Miss Bec, Miss Cheryl, Miss Tracy, Mr Bryan, Miss Sascha, Miss Jude, Mr Andre and Mr Stephen.

Written by Eliysse Johnson, Dylan Sliskovic, Mahli Killeen, Kirk Phillips and Sachjein Sampi Corpus

James Ryan - Teacher Primary

Primary Athletics Carnival

Last Friday the Primary Campus had their House Athletics Carnival. What started off as a foggy morning turned into a sunshine filled day with lots of smiles and teamwork. Congratulations to our winners and to all students who participated in their races on the day!

A huge thanks to all of the parent volunteers who came down and offered their time to help out and to those who came to support our students. Another thanks to staff, especially Mr Steven from Secondary who assisted in the organising of the event as well as the high school student volunteers who helped out throughout the course of the day too.

Congratulations to Barbier who convincingly took out the win!

Jorje Harman - Teacher Primary

Quality Catholic Education Awards

Public voting is now open for the 2021 Quality Catholic Education Awards! St Mary's College have three fabulous nominations - please VOTE NOW! 🌟

St Mary’s Primary Lombadina Cultural Camp

Cultural Camps at St Mary’s College provide students with the opportunity to flourish outside of the classroom and demonstrate their cultural knowledge and practices. In 2021 students in Years 5 and 6 attended cultural camps in the remote Aboriginal community of Lombadina, located approximately 200 kilometres north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula. Students participated in a range of cultural land and sea based activities. From spear making to oystering, students were encouraged to go outside their comfort zone or to do exactly what they love. Whilst on camp students slept in tents with their peers and the nature of the daily activities allowed friendships to grow and develop. St Mary’s College Cultural Camps strives to provide engaging opportunities that promotes resilience, independence and healthy risk-taking opportunities.

Jarrarr Buru

Jarrarr Buru is an initiative grown from a need within the small multicultural community of Broome. Jarrarr Buru offers alternative learning and targeted intervention for students identified as having disabilities as well as those disadvantaged by the complexities associated with living in a small community. The initiative reflects a strong understanding of the diverse needs of the students enrolled at St Mary’s College Primary Campus. The initiative promotes the inclusion of all students and families in the community despite the limitations associated with living in a remote area and values the contribution of Indigenous staff in bridging relationships between the school and the wider community.

St Mary’s College Waste Warriors

The initiative has been supported by the whole school community, with 470 students food waste each day going to the 6 wonderful chickens we have in the 'Chicken Palace' so kindly built by one of our students family, and lovingly cared for by our students. Each week the College's soft plastic waste is recycled by Redcycle at Coles, of which students take accountability for, and recycling and landfill is managed by external agencies. Waste audits are held each term to track the success of the Waste Warriors waste free lunchboxes focus and the minimal waste canteen so that not only students but also staff can track the amount of waste that we are diverting from landfill. The SMC Waste Warriors play an integral role in educating others in the school and community about the need to reduce our waste.

Coby Rhatigan - Deputy Principal Primary

Secondary House Carnival

Our Athletics House Carnival was held on Friday 20th August, with perfect conditions for the athletes to perform and showcase their talents. We continued with the format of the carnival from last year, allowing all students to enter any event they wished, with no number of competitors capped for each event. Once again we saw record number of students participating and a very fun and relaxed vibe across the day.

We also continued the use of timing gates, courtesy of Broome Little Athletics, for recording the track events for improved and accurate times which was received very well by the athletes. Several records were broken during the day and a list of these are below.

It was great to see a huge amount of parent support on the day and the students really appreciated having their families and friends to spectate and cheer them on in their events.

I would like to thank all the staff that helped make the carnival a great success, especially the PE department for their work leading up to the carnival and the extremely early start and late finish!

Below is a list of all the Champions for each year group and the house results for the carnival

Records broken on the day:

Year Champion

House Champions

1st – Barbier

2nd – Ward

3rd – Rice

4th – O’Brien

Steven Gregory - HOLA Physical Education

Year 7 Girls Follow The Dream Camp

A group of Year 7/8 girls on the Follow the Dream programme had a wonderful time on their overnight camp to Eco Beach Resort. This was fully funded by the Polly Farmer Foundation.

On the first day, we were welcomed to country with a special smoking ceremony organised for us by the resort, where we learnt about the cultural history and connections to the area. After this, the girls enjoyed swimming in the pool before a delicious lunch and later in the afternoon we went on a special fishing trip to Jack’s Creek, with our tour guide Neilo McKenzie. In the evening we were spoilt again with an enormous dinner, where there was lots of laughter and plenty of chatter around the table.

Amanda Davies - HOLA Learning Extension & Follow The Dream Co-ordinator

Year 8 Food Technology

This week the Year 8 Food Technology students prepared some home made treats for the special Father figures in their lives. If you’re lucky enough to have a Year 8 student doing Food this semester, get excited!

Kendra Anderson - Teacher Secondary
Amy Hyett - Business Manager