Spring Pep Rally A PHOTO essay by julia tripp

Seniors Kassidy Fleming and Emily Baker get the pep rally started

The Golden Girls get the pep rally going and each sport did a dance then there was a game played between them.

Tennis’s dance

Tennis started off ther dance with their backhand hit and they really showed off by doing the whip and the nae nae!

Soccer’s dance

Don’t sleep on soccer, their dance started off calm. They then woke up into intense dancing and dancing as a team is always lots of fun.

Track’s dance

Track’s dance was fun and entertaining and there was a dance off between them and it was obvious that all the girls had lots of fun.

Hungry hungry hippos

The girls were laying on a scooter being pushed by their teammate and they had to use the laundry basket to contain all the tennis balls.

Soccer wins

Soccer won the hungry hungry hippos game andthe soccer girls were excited and full of bragging rights.

Golden girls marching

Mercy marches into each sport and shows off their best interpretation and we ended with monarch spirit.


Sophomores running

The sophomores are showing their track star by racing to the wall and back.

Students blessing spiring sport student athletes

Mercy has a great tradition where the the student athletes get blessed by their classmates to stay safe sand strong during the season.

Student athletes bless their classmates

“May the blessing of the the Lord be upon you, we bless you in the name of the Lord”.

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