A little memo from the Conus From us to clue

I was sitting here minding my own business. I had a thought run through my minds eye.

How cool would it be for clue to get a message from home, from everyone.

So it began, I meticulously searched for individuals I knew would love to send clue a message.

i started with " skittles." She would have the access to reach everyone. She Jumped right on the bandwagon.
First item was to talk to Shannon and get her support.
  1. The next step was to talk to the family.
  2. My first video was the parents
  3. Then the kids
  4. Then the extended family
  5. Then cell phone videos from people who know him.
Shannons always game for gold Old fashiOn shenanignas

So thenMy minds eye struggles with how to accomplish this in a way that was unique and different.

Ideally I am going to have Shannon hold the marble in her hands with her as the back drop. Showing that as she is his world she supports everything in his world.

Now the formula to creating this is in place. Just need to fill it with messages from home.

The following is an update as of March 13,2017 it's a Monday.

I met with the parents spent two hours just talking with them. I have found his parents to be insightful and entertaining.

Checking off the list I got several videos and now I am thinking because of the challenges of individuals not wanting to be videoed. I am thinking of incorporating a screen shots of text messages in place of the videos. I have enough material to create a video. But it'll be short and that won't due.

From everyone that so far has added their words

For the conclusion of all this is the donated time and energy to Harley Davidson ( paradise) those guys came through and really helped out squaring away clues street glide for a summer of riding with his brothers!

just a reminder of the Gemini and relaxing on a sunny day.
Shots, being shots
I really am entertained by this sign passed on our lunch excursion

As of March 16th 2017. The street glide is up on the rack and getting the highspeed parts installed for you.

The CVMA is anxious to hear about your time abroad and hear about you travels from near and far.

Getting the light kit installed was challenging but a bunch of people came together to make it happen.

As of this morning all the parts and switches have been installed and with in the next day. Your hot rod will be completed. I was my pleasure in completeing this task. I know a bunch of individuals came together and at the very least you wont be trying overly hard to see at night any more.

see you real soon buddy, may your travels be swift and your adventures many.
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Cvma family Clues family and friends who helped put this together Mike D and he family at Paradise who helped majorly with the project of the lights! And the members of combat veterans motorcycle association (29-1 Portland Oregon chapter) for their contribution to this video

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