We are delighted to offer a large selection of custom framing services and wonderful art from a variety of some of the most sought after local Sacramento and national artists.

Our Team

Our love for all things art related has enabled us to become a local landmark within the art community. For the past 13 years, my staff and I have developed relationships with, and truly value, all of our customers. Artistic Edge provides the perfect destination for artists and collectors alike to receive friendly, professional, expert service to help you find the perfect art or framing for your home and office.

We make your art look beautiful!

A small sample of our frames

Our custom framing expertise extends to display cases, shadow boxes, mirror framing, lighted frames, needlework, tapestries, frame repair, restoration and a wide variety of other services.

A small sample of our Art

Diverse 2d and 3d art

Expert framing service .....

Our Artists

We currently have art on display from Artist's such as: Randy Honerlah, Robin Tomlinson, Charlotte Cooper, Zoran Peshic, Jeffery Beckerleg, Bob Tonjes, Nan Roe, Judy Knott, Patti Phare-Camp, Pat Dunsmore-Carillo, Don Tackett, Gerilyn Maslowski, Joan Marie, Andrei Protsouk, Ed Heck, Harry Wishard, Karl Bang, Matt Lovein, Carlos & Albert, David Lively, Stephen Schlanser, Debbie Moore-Yip, Dana Lukey and Chris Dellorco.

Artist we have exhibited in the past: Allie Bergman, Aminah Herman, Barbara Dow, Bill Reed, Carol Brown, Lisa Aikenhead, Kathi Gibson, Jim Marxen, Matt Konar, Carolyn Junge, Constance West, Curt Brandhorst, Cyrus Javid, David Good, Ed Boylan, Gary Harris, Gemma Gylling, Jonathan Lowe, Kathryn Devlin, Leonard James, Linda Nines, Mark Tucker, Megan Hosmer, Micheal Bookout, Nancy Reidell, Pam Lowney, Pat Orner, Paul Sanchez, Phyllis Eymann, Richelew Parker, Ron Hall, Sam Liberman, Sharon Gerber, Soroush, Steven Ward, Tenley Willock and TJ Owens.

1880 Fulton Ave, Sacramento

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Easy to find, located on the corner of Fulton and Alta Arden Express way at 1880 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825. Whether you are an artist looking to frame your latest masterpiece, a collector needing that something special for that bare wall or simply looking to frame that signed football jersey you've had in your drawer for the last 6 months, pay us a visit and you won't be disappointed!

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