Leonardo da Vinci The FAMOUS artist

Early life

Leonardo da Vinci was born 1452 April 15th in a small hill town Vinci near Florence. After about three years his parents left and he had to live with his grandparents. Nobody actually loved Leonardo but his Uncle Francesco. They used to take long walks along the countryside of Vinci. This is where Leonardo drew moving water. Leonardo thought he was lucky how his dad gave him a supply of paper. When Leonardo’s dad saw one of his drawings he sent Leonardo to an art studio in Florence where Leonardo became an apprentice for Andrea del Verrocchio. Even though Leonardo was only twelve it was normal for young kids to be in this studio. Leonardo was very excited to work here because Verrocchio was one of the most famous artists in Renaissance from Florence. When Leonardo was sent to paint one of the angels in a painting, Verrocchio vowed he would never paint again because of how Leonardo’s angel looked so alive.

Becoming Famous

Leonardo da Vinci is famous for painting and inventing. In 1505 a rich silk merchant asked Leonardo to paint a portrait of his wife this painting is now known as the world famous Mona Lisa, this painting in modern times is sold for $780million US dollars. Leonardo also made a horse statue in Milan for the duke but it sadly broke in a war.

Later in Life

When Leonardo moved to Milan he was hired by the duke. He made and designed many weapons for the duke. When the duke wanted him to do something he did it. Leonardo most often didn't finish his projects because he liked the beginning of a project, this is why most of Leonardo’s projects remain unfinished. In 1504 Leonardo's father died there was no will so Leonardo received nothing all the money went to his other children. Then in 1509 Leonardo's uncle Francesco died, there was a will Francesco gave everything he had to Leonardo. Leonardo's brothers and sisters were furious they went to court in the end when Leonardo died everything he owned was to go to his relatives.Leonardo was in his sixties and had health problems. He had little money. But when Leonardo needed help help appeared. The man let Leonardo live with him and bring his friend Francesco Melzi and Salai. The man only asked for company. Apparently the man also happened to be king. The king was honored just to be in Leonardo's presence. Leonardo Died in France on May 2 1519. Some people say that he died in the king's arms, others say his last words were about his horse statue. If only he was able to finish it.

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