OUTTON Gettin out up in the adventure

Because the outdoors are lit, we built a place in it.
Our beautiful tree houses offer the perfect view of the mountains that surround you. Also community seal
Persuasive Appeal: A great place to come and live for as long as you want. It is a stress free environment and is as care free as possible. It is an amazing environment and is here to let you become free.
A great place to live

-You must know how to ski or snowboard

-No cat tracks on the ski mountain

-It is required that you go outside after school. At least 2 hours

-Mandatory 2 hour school 3 days a week until you are 16. (You choose which 3 days you go.)

-One mountain for skiing/snowboarding, others for mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and other amazing outdoor activities.

-Trade is used instead of money.

-No curfew, just don't be too loud after 10

-No small yappy city dogs allowed.

-Daily mountain life lessons are provided and required until your 10. Starts at age 5 or 6, goes until age 10.

-At least 2 hours each day should be spent outside.

The government style for this utopia is a Monarchy like unto the government style of Canada. This government was chosen because it is a good government and it works for Canada.

Outton is a utopia in the mountains. It is for the purpose of getting people back into the outdoors and living the life. The mountains are where we belong, we built a place in it for the true adventurers.

Just a "peak" at the rock climbing that is available here

Here at Outton you can ski, snowboard, hike, bike, rock climb, or indulge in any other outdoor activities that you can come up with.

You can shred the pow here at Outton
Take a ride with friends through the beautiful mountains
Grab some buddies and head up the mountain for great views and an awesome time

A normal day here at Outton looks like this:

  • 8am: Wake up
  • 9am: Daily bathing and showering
  • 10am-12pm: 2 hours of school (if 16 or younger)
  • 12pm-2pm: Optional nap time
  • 2pm-9pm: Free time to do whatever your heart desires. From 9-10:30 pm, we have an optional bonfire
  • 11pm (or whenever you want before 11 but after 9): Sleep

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